Professor Jon M. Garon Scholarship for aspiring IP Attorneys with Disabilities

Following the scholarship for patent attorneys, BananaIP is pleased to announce another scholarship for aspiring intellectual property attorneys with disabilities. The objective of this scholarship is to encourage law, science, and technology students with disabilities to join the IP profession. As a part of the scholarship, BananaIP will initially offer paid internships for students with disabilities interested in patent, copyright, trademark, or design practice. Interns in this program will also be provided appropriate facilities and accessibility accommodations to enable them to learn from practicing IP attorneys.

By issuing accessibility guidelines, the Indian IP Office has taken an important step toward facilitating persons with disabilities to participate fully/equally in the IP process. The Delhi High Court’s IP Division has also incorporated accessibility and accommodations for persons with disabilities within its rules, making it easier to practice IP law before the Court.

Owing to these initiatives, it is relatively much easier than earlier for attorneys with disabilities to practice IP lawfully and equally with others, and this scholarship is aimed at encouraging students with disabilities to join the IP profession.

About Professor Jon M. Garon

Professor Jon M. Garon is currently a Professor of Law and Director of IP, Cybersecurity and Technology Law Program at NSU’s Shepard Broad College of Law. He is an internationally recognized authority on copyright law, entertainment law, and privacy law. He has also made important contributions to facilitating persons with disabilities through disability law clinics.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants for this scholarship will be assessed based on the following criteria:


  1. Educational background of the applicant (Law, Science, or Technology students are eligible);
  2. Intellectual Property courses taken;
  3. Writings and Publications, if any; and d. Interest in the field.

Shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview, based on which a decision will be made.

Application Form

Students interested in applying for this scholarship are requested to fill out this form.

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