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Technology Transfer – The Indian Perspective!

This image depicts a transfer taking place between two people. This image is relevant because this post talks about the Indian perspective of technology transfer. Click on the image to view full post.

This post was published on September 15, 2014.


We hear a lot about technology transfer these days, particularly with Prime Minister Modi’s recent visits to Japan, with whom India is negotiating collaboration opportunities in the area of infrastructure, defense and energy. Technology transfer refers to the transfer, assignment or licensing of various forms of Intellectual Property developed by one person, organization, university or even a country to another. The reason for transfer is to promote public good through the development of IP into useful and usable goods or services that in turn, promote economic growth.

Leading universities, primarily from industrialized countries, generate rich IP which then is disseminated to society through private partnerships. The United States, being the primary example of an economy investing significantly into university based research and development, provides incentives to the university and to inventor(s) to jointly benefit from the commercialization of such innovations. The US passed the Bayh Dole Act in 1980 to speed up the process of commercializing federally funded university research. The Act fostered greater collaboration between universities and the private sector, leading to significant industrial growth.

Making Institutional Research Count

Intellectual Property

This post was first published on 25th July, 2013.   Public Funded Research Institutions and educational institutions in India have begun to realise the importance of commercialising their Intellectual Property, a phenomenon that was long overdue. While a large number of these institutions are yet to be woken up to the trend, those that have tasted success are willing to explore further in order to push their returns northwards. Commercialising intellectual properties of research institutions has obvious benefits: when returns grow up in proportion to the research investments, institutes will feel little need to look elsewhere for funds; commercialisation is the most convenient...

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Value of IP for Small and Medium Enterprises

This image depicts the available areas for SMEs with regard to IP. The major areas are Cardiovascular, Antinoplastic and Neurological. The remaining form the grey areas for SMEs. Click on the image to read the full post.

  This post was first published on March 14th, 2013.   Contrary to popular belief in India, Intellectual Property (IP) is neither a boon nor a curse for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Just like other business tools, it is a tool that can provide business and competitive advantage, provided an SME wishes to gain such an advantage. The wish must obviously be backed by appropriate steps in the right direction, in the light of the SMEs business goals. While the overarching objective of this series is to indicate various elements of the path to gaining business value, this article will focus only...

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Open Source – A Business Reality

This image depicts the Open Source trademark, which comprises of a green keyhole with the words Open Source. this post talks about interesting developments in Open source technology. Click on the image to read the full post.

First Publication Date: 5th October 2010 Open source has today become a necessity for most businesses. It is estimated that 99 percent of all companies using software use at least one open source component. The business value added by open source products makes them inevitable for every company. In addition to software, open source has today expanded its tentacles to many areas from open text books to open drug discovery and is fast spreading to other areas.No business shift happens without legal hurdles and complications. With the rise in applications of open source to businesses, the legal battles with respect to...

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Financial Assistance from Technology Development Board (TDB) for Industrial Concerns for the Development of Indigenous Technologies

First Publication Date: 4th October 2010 Technology Development Board (TDB) mandates to provide financial assistance to the industrial concerns and other agencies attempting development and commercial application of indigenous technology or adapting imported technology for wider domestic application. TDB was established as per the provisions of Technology Development Board Act, 1995 by Government of India through Department of Science and Technology. The funds collected by the TDB are through industrial concerns under the provisions of the Research and Development Cess Act, 1986, as amended in 1995 and through other donations (as donation made to this fund have full deduction for income tax...

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Role of IP Policy in a Knowledge-Driven Company

This post was first published on March 26, 2010. An Intellectual Property (IP) Policy setting out the IP goals of a company in the light of its business goals plays a very important role in enabling the company to acquire competitive advantage from its IP. The IP Policy must lay down the framework in light of the company's IP strategy. Most IP policies cover aspects such as generation, protection, ownership, utilization, management, and commercialization of IP. They also include the company's policy with respect to the use of third-party IP, interaction with third parties and so on. While the broad policy...

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Guidelines for IP Commercialization – A Presentation by Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde at NLSIU, Bangalore

The featured image shows the first slide of the presentation. The PPT is titled "Guidelines for IP commercialization". To read more click here.

The following presentation titled "Guidelines for IP Commercialization", was delivered on 15th February 2017 by Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde, (Sr. Partner, BIP Counsels) at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The presentation was delivered as part of a Symposium on COMMERCIALIZATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – “with focus on Patents” organized by the Centre for IP Research and Advocacy, NLSIU headed by Professor Ramakrishna, a well known IP Professor and Advisor. The Symposium was attended by some of the country's leading IP experts, Government officials, academics and researchers. The presentation covers the following topics: Strategies normally involved in IP Commercialization; Revenue generation from the strategies adopted;...

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Landmark cases, Amazon’s interesting patent, Apple and Qualcomm dispute.

The featured image shows a green school board on which the following words appear to be written by chalk. The words read "Patent news : Weekly updates". To get your weekly updates and news on IP, click here.

  This weekly update on patents is brought to you by the Patent experts of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels. In this weeks patent news and updates we bring to you a Landmark case in patents, latest stats from the patent & designs office, an interesting patent granted to Amazon and much more. Happy reading! Patent thought of the week: "Grant is the beginning of the Patent Game, not its end." - Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala Patent Stats: Patent applications published by the Indian Patent Office between 11th February 2017 and 19th February 2017: 547 Patent applications granted by the Indian Patent Office between 11th February 2017 and 19th February 2017:...

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'How to' of IP Commercialization – I

The featured image shows a man standing on a pile of money. This post is about how a person can make money from IP. To read more click here.

We all know that Intellectual property is intangible in nature. Why then do so many people value Intellectual Property? especially business oriented companies and individuals. This post attempts to answers this simple question. Intellectual property is actually the tangible expressions of ideas such as inventions literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce. The first step in protecting the IP is to identify that what kind of IP one has and the next step is to evaluate such IP. The final step is trying to secure protection for the identified IP.     How to Monetize Trademarks? The most essential part of every business is...

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World’s Best IP Blogs – IP Finance

The custom image reads World best IP blogs - IP Finance. The post is about IP Finance blog. To read more click here.

  Intellectual Property (IP) plays a very important role in providing competitive and business advantage to a company. In order to maximize competitive advantage, a company must make the best and most of its intellectual assets. The owner of any Intellectual Property can procure financial rewards for its use. This is because like tangible property, if ownership of an IP can be clearly established, the IP could be sold, leased, licensed, assigned or mortgaged.   IP and Money have always been related to each other since the recognition of Intellectual Property Rights. The blog we bring to you today is called IP Finance....

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