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Indian Patent Statistics, Interesting inventions, DIPP publishes draft patent amendment rules 2018, International patent news and more

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  “Indian patent statistics, Interesting inventions, DIPP publishes draft patent amendment rules 2018, European Patent Organization elects a new Chairperson, Alibaba all set to join the Open Invention Network, after Microsoft, LIPO launches its first ever web portal for IP Filings, IPOS grants its first patent under the FinTech Initiative and other Weekly Patent News updates” presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Quote of the Week “The ultimate strategy is to increase business and net worth by using intellectual property. Any winning IP strategy will have at least two goals: to create or acquire intellectual...

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Indian Patent Office working at Lightning Speeds

The featured image shows the iconic comic book character called Flash. This image is being used to draw a comparison between the speed with which the IPO is disposing the patent applications and he speed with which superhero flash moves

  Authored by Gaurav Mishra The Indian Patent Office appears to be breaking records with each passing day. From lightning fast publications to issue of examination reports and patent grants, the patent office is certainly en route to shedding off its sluggish and languid image. A few incidents – some experienced firsthand and others reported elsewhere are a testimonial to the patent office’s commitment to getting rid of the immense backlog that has been plaguing the offices and applicants alike. In a very recent experience, one patent application bearing the number 201641003901 (accessible here) was published in the official journal of the Indian...

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Apple sues Qualcomm again, Major Setback to Bayer, Delhi HC allows export of patented drug and much more.

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Intellectual Property updates Hello there Intellepedia readers. All of us realize that we live in a world where everything is instant. When one can have instant food, instant television and an instant date, why not some instant news? In our endeavour to bring to you Intellectual Property updates from across the globe, we are kick starting today a brand new approach to learning. All we ask of you is to brace yourself for the exciting IP journey ahead! Aikya prevails over IKEA in Trademark dispute In a recent judgement delivered by the district court in New Delhi, the famous Swedish brand ‘IKEA’ lost...

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Salient Features of the National IPR Policy – Part 2

The featured image shows the first page of the National IPR Policy document. To read more about the National IPR Policy, click here

In this part of the post we will list down some of the important salient features of the National IPR Policy. To read the first part of this post click here. The National IPR Policy has 7 objectives and each of the objectives has been laid out quite well along with the steps that need to be taken to achieve them. These objectives and some of the important steps involved in achieving these objectives are provided below. OBJECTIVE 1: IPR Awareness: Outreach and Promotion Under this objective the policy intends to create public awareness about the economic, social and cultural benefits of IPRs...

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Ready for Patent grants in 18 months?

The Image is of the launch of the Make in India campaign. The post is about patents and make in india. To read more click here.

Most people who have filed for a Patent in India will definitely understand the phrase “Life is too short to wait”. Narrowing this concept to the life of a Patent, it is as short as 20 years. The Patent grant system in India is a rather slow process and easily eats up more than a quarter of the Patents Life. Furthermore, in the absence of a concept like the “Patent term adjustment” followed in the United States, filing a Patent in India can diminish the prospects of a good return in good time. The world is growing exponentially and so is...

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Comments and Suggestions on the Draft Trademark Rules, 2015 

The Custom image reads "Comments on the Draft Trademark Rules, 2015". The post is about the Comments and suggestion submitted to the DIPP on the new proposed TM rules. To read more click here.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion ("DIPP") issued a notification on November 19th, 2015 publishing the draft Trademark (Amendment) Rules, 2015 ("Draft Rules") seeking to amend the Trademark Rules, 2002 ("Trademark Rules"). The proposed Draft Rules seeks to simplify the complex registration process. The objective of the Draft Rules is to create a more organised system of filing applications which will result in the efficient processing of applications. In light of this, it is imperative that we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that have gone into making the proposed Draft Rules. The important changes such as...

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Comments and suggestions on the Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2015

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion ("DIPP") issued a notification on October 26, 2015 publishing the draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2015 ("Draft Rules") seeking to further amend the Patent Rules, 2003 ("Patent Rules"). The notification dated 26 October 2015, published on IP India invited comments on Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2015. We have submitted our recommendations and suggestions to the Ministry and are awaiting to see positive changes in the proposed rules. In our submission we highly appreciated efforts of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in improving the patent procedure. We commended the proposed rules...

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DIPP Draft Patent Rules

  There has been a lot of commotion and discussion regarding the recent DIPP proposed amendment to the Patent Rules, 2003. To any agonized patent applicant, these suggested amendments are a relief from the tardy process of awaiting examination and grant for an application which in toto approximately takes 6-7 years. The entire process delays the enjoyment of the monopolistic right offered by a patent. Thus, the number of years that an applicant enjoys his patent right gets significantly reduced and for many applicants, this becomes the root cause of several monetary losses. On the other hand, when there is no...

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DIPP Draft Patent Rules – Salient Features

The DIPP recently issued new draft rules in a notification dated 26th October, 2015. The new draft rules propose several amendments to the ‘The Patents Rule, 2003’. Some of the key changes proposed are summarized herein. Changes related to communication with the Patent office: The Indian Patent Office as of date accepts patent applications filed physically and any communications made to the Patent office through postal or courier services. However, according to the new proposed draft rules the words “or courier service” wherever they may occur in sub-rule (1) of rule 6 will be omitted. Similarly, the draft rules propose the...

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Proposed amendment in Patent law by DIPP

  The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) intends to bring about some wonderful changes to the existing patent law. A quick look at the proposed changes suggests significant variation from the existing law and introduction of procedures to expedite grant of an application and revised set of rules for patent opposition. The patent applicants (their competitors too) and their agents have been long aggrieved regarding certain patent protection procedures which the DIPP now has taken notice of and have worked on simplifying the procedure by introduction of the following provisions. Our comments and detailed analysis will be published soon.   S....

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