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Intellectual Property News and Analysis – Intellepedia

Google-Twitter License Deal: Display Tweets in Search Results

This image depicts the Google logo with a magnifying glass over it. The post is about the recent debate that has been sparked as Google made the announcement that it would be using the house mark “ ALPHABET” for its holding company . Click on the image to read the full post.

Google has struck a deal with Twitter to acquire full access of the tweets and their indexing in its search results on a real time basis. Although details of the deal have not been disclosed or confirmed by either party, Google has allegedly entered into a data licensing revenue agreement, and will shell out the money to the tune of US$41 million for the tweets. Google had been indexing tweets till 2011, before the launch of Google+, its social networking site which was believed to be in competition with Twitter. After expiration of the deal, Twitter substituted Google with Bing search...

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Xiaomi maintains competitive pricing; Removes onus of Royalties on customers

Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, suffered a major setback in India toward the end of 2014, as the Delhi High Court asked it to temporarily discontinue the sale of its smartphones in India. Subsequently, the Court decided that Xiaomi could go on with the sale of models that use Qualcomm chips until February 5, when the next hearing for the patent case is scheduled. Xiaomi is facing legal troubles in India since it was sued by Swedish technology company, Ericsson, some time ago, for allegedly infringing eight of its patents. In general, a company is required to pay patent royalties in such...

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Margaret Knight: Most Notable Woman in the World of Patents

margaret knight patent

In the late 1860s, Margaret Knight was working in a paper bag plant in Massachusetts, USA. The paper bags of the time were conical in shape, with the bag tapering towards the bottom. She felt that a bag with a rectangular shape and a flat bottom could fit more items. So, she designed a  model of a machine for automatically cutting, folding and gluing paper bags with a rectangular shape and a flat bottom. She approached a machine shop to build a working prototype of the machine, so that she could file a patent for the machine. While the prototype was...

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Technology Transfer boost Entrepreneurship

This picture depicts the building of the Illinois State University. This image is relevant because this post talks about how the University's tech transfer programmebhad boosted entrepreneurship. Click on the image to view full post

  Illinois’ universities in general, have a two tier program - they generate interest through educational programs on applied entrepreneurship and then their technology transfer offices (TTOs) support the development by patenting, licensing and commercializing the invention. The technology transfer programs of universities in Illinois have been conducive for fledgling start-ups as they provide them the necessary help in the form of academic network, idea promotion, mentor-ship and fund securing.   As per the latest Illinois Innovation Index report, the number of start-ups being incubated by Illinois’ universities has increased three-folds in the last five years. The Index, an initiative of Illinois Science...

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Sanjeeth Hegde delivers a lecture on “Leveraging Intellectual Property Rights in Rural Economies” at a International Conference about RUBAN Society

At the recently held international conference on the “Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Sustainable RUBAN Society” on 13th February 2015, organized by the Dayananda Sagar Business Academy in Bangalore, Sanjeeth Hegde, Partner BananaIP, delivered a lecture on how rural communities can leverage IP for development. He also moderated a panel discussion about “Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Sustainable Ruban Society” with esteemed panelist from academia, corporate, and social enterprises. Date : 13/02/2015 [button link="http://www.icdsba.dsba.edu.in/" newwindow="yes"] Read more[/button]...

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Dr. Kalyan presented “Indian Media and Metaphors – A Peek into Copyright Issues” at the 2015 Nova Law Review symposium New Media and Old Metaphors.

Nova Southeastern University’s “Nova Law Review Symposium – New Media and Old Metaphors”, on February 12-13, 2015 in Miami, USA, invited Dr. Kalyan, Managing Partner BananaIP, to deliver a speech on “Indian Media and Metaphor – A Peek into Copyright Issues”. The event was attended by leading legal and business professionals from the Media and Entertainment industries. Date : 12/02/2015 [button link="https://www.nsulaw.nova.edu/students/orgs/lawreview/symposium/index.cfm" newwindow="yes"] Read more[/button]...

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Google News closes operations in Spain

Spanish publishers suffer as Google News closes Operations

  A while ago, Google closed its operations in Spain, in response to the new copyright law which has made it mandatory for Google, Yahoo and other news aggregators to pay licensing fee to all news publishers for using their stories or snippets in Google news.    The regulation, expected to come into effect in 2015, will deal with websites that share pirated content. As per the law, Spanish Government will have the authority to penalize websites up to $750,000 for directing links to the pirated content.   Media companies from Anti Google Lobbying Group, AEDE (Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies) which pushed the...

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Kingsoft, Xiaomi Establish New IP Investment Fund

This image depicts a small piggy Bank and some US Americal Dollars beside it. This image is relevant as Kingsoft and Xiaomi establish new IP investment fund by pooling in 35 Million US Dollars. Click on the image for more information

Chinese security software developer, Kingsoft, together in the partnership with the mobile phone maker, Xiaomi, Beijing Zhigu Technology Consulting Services (an entity controlled by Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun) and a few others, has launched a USD 35 Mn fund to support Intellectual Property related investments. Kingsoft announced that the investment vehicle managed by Beijing Zhigu Technology Consulting Services will have a 10-year term, without disclosing other specific details. It is widely speculated that the fund has been formed as an aftermath of the Qualcomm antitrust investigation by China and its subsequent order to make Qualcomm surrender its “reverse patent license.” Reverse...

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Copyright and Entertainment Law series posts: 2014

This image depicts the word copyright. This post is a summary of copyright and entertainment law related news. Click on the image to read the full post.

  Dear Sinapse Readers (entertainment and copyright law enthusiasts), In 2014, the authors of Sinapse got together to bring to its readers analytic data in the form of 'Series' posts. We have put together all the entertainment and copyright law related information for you, so that you're able to assimilate all of it at one go! But don't stop there. Read the whole thing if you want to be thoroughly informed: 1. Licensing & Merchandising in Copyright Law Merchandising is an extension of a brand into new categories. Any merchandise is created by securing license of different Intellectual Properties such as themes, images, songs...

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IEEE amends it’s IP policy related to Standard Essential Patents

This image depicts the logo of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA). This image is relevant because it talks about the change in IEEE's IP policy. Click on the image to view full post.

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has proposed a change to it’s IP (Intellectual Property) policy. The revised policy can be viewed here. The new policy comprises revisions to the provisions related to commitments from holders of Standards Essential Patents. The revised policy states that the patent holders have to make licenses for Standards Essential Patents available to other parties under Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (RAND) terms. The biggest change with respect to the updated policy is that the patent holder should not seek or enforce an injunction against an entity that implements a product with the...

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