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Patent: Basics of Specification Drafting – Presentation by Somashekar Ramakrishna

This image depicts the title Basics of Patent Specification Drafting presented by Mr. Somasekhara. Click on the image for more information.

[slideshare id=45409802&doc=basicsofspecificationdrafting-150304014411-conversion-gate01] The presentation herein, on Basics of Specification Drafting, was delivered by Mr. Somashekar Ramakrishna at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, for Senior Officials of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. Starting with specification contents, the presentation covers drafting guidelines, claim drafting basics and examples. For more information about the presentation or the event, you may contact the Sinapse team at [email protected]

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IBM sues Priceline and subsidiaries for Patent Infringement

This image depicts the IBM building. IBM has recently filed a patent infringement suit against Priceline. Click on the image to read the full post.

International Business Machine Corp. (IBM) has filed a lawsuit against online travel leader, Priceline and its associated websites for infringing on 5 of IBM’s patents to build its own business model. IBM has made allegations that Priceline has constantly refused to discuss a license to the patented inventions of IBM and should pay royalties on the billions of dollars of revenue it generated using them. Priceline declined to comment on the issue. Two of the patents Priceline allegedly infringed on are from the late 1990s, the third one is from 2006 and a fourth one is from 2009. These patents include technologies...

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InPASS: New Patent Full-Text Search Tool from IPO

This image depicts the logo of Inpass, a New Patent Full-Text Search Tool from IPO. Click on the image for further information

The CGPDTM (Controller General of Patents Designs and Trade Marks) has been instrumental in stepping up the efforts of the IPO in making more patent information available online, with the introduction of a new search tool named InPASS (Indian Patent Advanced Search System), in February, 2015. The Indian Patent Office is showing its commitment to providing transparency to the public about patents. In 2010, the CGPDTM office launched IPAIRS, Indian Patent Information Retrieval System. Subsequently, the CGPDTM has constantly been improving IPAIRS, offering new search fields such as Applicant Address and PCT Number in 2012, and introduced Stock and Flow Based Dynamic Patent Utility in 2014...

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Patent Acquisition and Guess Work

The image depicts two artificial person trying to put the Puzzle Pieces in the right place. This image is relevant as the article is all about Patent Acquisition and Guess Work. Click on the image for more information

  Whenever an organization acquires any patent there is a whole lot of speculation that hits the market along with the product. Let us now see some of these acquisitions that made highlights in February, 2015.   (1) Google acquires Odysee. Google has purchased Odysee, an iOS and Android app concerned with the backing up and sharing of photos. Why would Google need this? It has Google+ photos! Odysee’s capabilities are slightly different. It allows for full quality photos to be automatically backed up, via the cloud, to your computer. At the same time, Odysee concerns itself with seamless private sharing of these high quality images. What's the speculation about? It has...

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FTC Gives Conditional Approval to the Microsoft-Nokia Deal

This image depicts the Nokia office building. The Microsoft Nokia deal has been given partial approval. Click on the image to read the full post.

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC), South Korea's antitrust authority, conditionally approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business earlier this month. The conditions attached to the merger state that Microsoft will put a ceiling on the royalties paid by major Korean handset manufacturers like Samsung and LG for Nokia patents.  The agreement between Microsoft and Nokia will allow Microsoft to directly manufacture handsets and tablets based on its broad patent portfolio. Microsoft had submitted its request for the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division in November, 2013. The regulator accepted the request to begin the official settlement process to review the merger, anticipate any...

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Qualcomm Inc. to pay record fine of US$ 975 Mn

This image depicts the image of Qualcomm's headquarters. This image is relevant because this post talks about Qualcomm paying a record fine of US$ 975 million to China in an Antitrust Probe. Click on the image to view full post.

  US chipmaker, Qualcomm Inc., has put an end to the 14-month anti-trust investigation by the Chinese Government by agreeing to pay a record fine of US$ 975 Mn. Qualcomm has also been asked to lower its royalty rates on patents used in China, thereby providing a boost to domestic handset manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei.   Qualcomm Inc. is facing similar charges in the US and Europe as well. South Korea has also started investigating similar monopolistic practices by Qualcomm. The judgment by the Chinese Government is likely to be only a small setback for Qualcomm Inc. as it is required to...

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Electronic Frontier Foundation to preserve Software

22) The picture has a large copyright symbol at the center of it. The post is about the copyright holders suing Internet Service Providers for vicarious copyright infringement. Click on the image to read post.

  Since the dawn of internet, the technological development has been exponential, leading to digitisation of almost all possible activities as from tablets and phones to watches, glasses, TVs and even refrigerators become “smarter”. The laws such as Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), enacted to focus on the rise of digital era, are unable to completely match the pace of this development. Recently, the US Copyright Office initiated the sixth triennial rule-making process which has been accepting petitions since then. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which has played a key role in past triennial rule-making proceedings and has gotten smartphone jailbreaks and...

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Intellectual Property: EVENT- The Global Fellows Series — Bridging the IP Gap Between the US and Europe

Date                                   March 10-13, 2015 Venue                                Munich, Germany Agenda                             The series will promote a higher level of international IP practice among the next generation of leaders in the global legal community. Link -                                Click here  ...

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E-commerce Retailers face flak over alleged Counterfeits by Vendors

E-retailers have come a long way since the advent of e-commerce in India in the early 2000s. Other than a few cautious buyers, most have become comfortable purchasing an entire range of products online. However, nowadays a lot of e-commerce customers are left fuming because of counterfeit vendors gaining a foothold even in reputed e-commerce sites. In October 2014, the Delhi High Court prohibited Gurgaon-based online marketplace, ShopClues from using, manufacturing, marketing, selling, displaying or advertising the name of L’oreal while selling products. The cosmetic company had filed the civil suit alleging that a vendor named Brandworld was selling fake products...

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