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Copyright: Public Domain in Copyright Regime: Facilitating Right to Know

This post was first published on March 16, 2010. Contributed by Professor Madabhushi Sridhar The interface between the right to know and limited monopoly over creative expressions to the authentic owner represent conflicts of interests. Proprietorial concerns on one hand and the social interests on the other need to be reconciled in almost every area where individual rights conflict with social concerns. If the copyright is considered as an extension of the right of speech and expression, it contradicts another fundamental right, i.e., right to know which was read into right to life under article 21. Recently the right to education, in...

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IP Courses: Sports Law Course at NLSIU

Sports Authority of India NSSC, Bangalore and National Law School of India University are jointly organising a “Skills Development Programme on Sports Law” at the International Training Centre, National Law School of India University. The duration of the course is from 5th Oct to 10th Oct, 2015. The course should be attended by lawyers and students who want to pursue a career in Sports Law in the future, sports industry professionals, representatives of governing bodies academician interested in sports law. Sports law being a multifaceted law, deriving its source various traditional laws like constitutional law, contract law, intellectual property law, competition...

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Trademarks: Homage to Rocky Race – MGM alleges Trademark Infringement

The image depicts the Rocky statue from Philadelphia. This post is about the trademark battle for the 'Rocky' mark. Click on the image to read the full post.

MGM Studios, producers of popular film series, Rocky, have issued a Cease and Desist letter against a US resident who has organized a 50 kilometer race in homage to one of the Rocky films. The race titled ‘Rocky 50k Fat Ass Run’ was organized by one, Rebecca Schaefer, who has been told by producers of the film that the title of the race infringes the trademark belonging to the movie studio. In the letter addressed to Ms. Schaefer, MGM Studios demanded the removal of any reference to the boxer and barring dissemination of any material related to Rocky.

The race, which draws inspiration from the second movie in the series, is based in Philadelphia and covers 31 miles (50 kilometres). Though the first race was a huge success without any interference from the film studio, MGM has presently tried to stop the second edition of the race which is due to take place on December 6, 2014. This action comes shortly after the debut of a new Rocky Balboa Run organized by Chicago based Cerulean Sports Group and licensed by MGM.

Patent: Goal Line Technology has finally kicked in!

The wait is finally over! FIFA 2014 Football World Cup is at our doorstep. Football, being the most favorite sport in the world, has a fan following of billions and the FIFA Cup itself is arguably the most important title a soccer playing nation can aspire to.

32 countries divided into 8 groups are fighting to win the prestigious title this year and Brazil plays the additional role of host. A total of 64 matches are to be played across 12 cities in the country. This edition of the World Cup is special, as FIFA has decided to use the power of technology to assist referees in decision making. FIFA 2014 will be known as the first ever Football World Cup to use “Goal Line Technology”.

IP News Update April 5, 2013

TRADEMARKS BREAKING NEWS: Dynamos lose trademark name, logo Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill Owner Doug Guller Trademarks Breastaurant®   PATENTS New Apple patent hints at hybrid Mac book A federal appeals court reverses a $593 million patent infringement loss for Johnson & Johnson's Cordis stent-making arm. SAIL unit seeks patent cover for its products Dawson v. Dawson: Suing Yourself for a Patent   COPYRIGHTS Bombay HC paves way for the release of Chasme Budoor Bombay HC rules on Zanjeer controversy Vivendi Wins Copyright Ruling in Used-Digital-Song Case   BIO/PHARMA India’s SC rejects Glivec Patent, a credit negative for branded drugOramed Pharmaceuticals wins Japanese patent for oral delivery technology Patent Issued for Controlled Drop Dispensing Container   GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS GI Certified...

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IP News Updates

The image depicts a green key on a keyboard containing the text 'news'

TRADEMARKS Manziel to trademark 'Johnny Football' Oprah considering an organic food brand trademark applications tip off new products COPYRIGHTS Sound and Fury Over Faulkner Copyright Litigation What the New Copyright Law Means For You China Complains About Copyright Piracy Problems Google presses fair use case in book scanning appeal PATENTS Microsoft, Google square off over patent royalty rates Apple wins patent for basic Time Machine functionality Apple patent could bring polyphonic tuning to Logic Pro Are Patent Litigations Skewing Earnings Reality? Kodak gets life-saving loan of $793 million—if it can sell its patents BLOG UPDATES Estimating the number of Hepatitis patients treated by Roche's Pegasus The haka: a song and dance about attribution? The Baby Boom of Patent...

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IP News Updates

The image depicts a globe and the text 'NEWS' on it.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Dow Chemical Patent Verdict Against Nova Left Intact PATENTS Apple awarded patent rights for original iOS Maps app GUI Patents Remain Barrier to Collaboration & Innovation How to hurdle Australia's tough new patent laws TRADEMARKS 'Who Dat?' trademark resolved Kameny estate trademarks ‘Gay is Good’ slogan Apple owns trademark for Granny Smith logo COPYRIGHTS High court hears closely watched copyright case US Supreme Court Grapples With Copyright Law and the Resale Trade Business Matters: Can Copyright Alerts Work in US? Tech Check: Internet providers to warn copyright violators Heirs of Superman Creators Wage Epic Battle With Warner Bros. US renews fair use exemption for DVDs, online video BLOG UPDATES Laws of Nature / State of Art...

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IP News Updates, 12th October 2012

PATENTS The case against patents Tech Giants Gather to Discuss Patent Peace Software and Patents Still a Mess, 14 Years On Patent trolls responsible for growing number of lawsuits, new data shows Supreme Court to Rule on Patents for Self-Replicating Products Will Apple Buy Nokia's Patents, at Least? Innovation fears over smartphone 'patent wars' TRADEMARKS SRK to be a trademark! Philly Cheesesteak Trademark Case Pits Campo's Deli Against U.S. Patent Office Deli Sues Trademark Office Over Apostrophe Cadbury accused of trying to trademark purple wrappers in row with church over Fairtrade chocolate COPYRIGHTS How Microsoft's Copyright Claim Went Awry Indicted Megaupload founder plans site reboot Denver federal lawsuit alleges Disney stole comic book copyrights Judge Says Fair...

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IP News Updates, 9th October 2012

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BIO/PHARMA Patent expiry prompts Novartis drop Another negative Indian patent ruling, this time for Pfizer's Sutent PATENTS The Patent, Used as a Sword Q&A: What to watch as new patent rules take hold Samsung tries to patent the story of your life Pioneering patent troll seeks the Supreme Court's ear—plus a cool $12 million Motorola wins patent case against Microsoft TRADEMARKS MusclePharm Taps Out as Beast Sports Nutrition Prevails in Trademark ...

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Patent: Nike Does it Again!

The image depicts the NIKE logo.

: Nike, the world’s largest maker of sporting equipment obtained a patent (on Sept. 4) to install data-collecting sensors on golf clubs. The method is designed to improve personalization whereby the analysis of a golf club swing is displayed on the screen embedded on the back of the club’s head. The idea is to make golf clubs faster and more precise. “Custom fitting is outdated, and can be inaccurate,” Nike said in documents posted on the website of the USPTO. Most of the fitting is done in an indoor environment on a hard surface; the new patented golf club allows golfers to...

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