Inventive Plum Cakes for Christmas

It is Christmas time, time to eat Plum Cakes. A wide array of Plum Cakes are on the market, and we got to taste a few of them at office today. The best among them was the cake sent by Rakesh (Intellepedia’s Administrator). Once it was safely in my stomach, I couldn’t help telling Rakesh that his cake did not have any plums. It had raisins and prunes, but no plums.

Most Plum Cakes in fact do not have plums, and the term is generally used to refer to Christmas cakes of different varieties. The term got associated with Christmas from the tradition of consuming Plum Porridge. Porridge later became pudding, which later became cake. Though plums went out of the cake, the name stayed.

Cake Patents

This Christmas, we decided to share some interesting cake patents that may add creativity to your celebration.

1. Alcoholic cupcake preparation methods

Patent Application: US20150237875A1

Country: United States


A method of baking alcohol infused cupcakes is provided. The cupcakes may be at least partially baked and then dehydrated. A user may then inject alcohol into the dehydrated cupcake. The cupcakes may be chilled and then eaten.

2. Production method for plum cake

Patent Application: CN102362609A

Country: China


The invention discloses a production method for plum cake. The production method comprises the following steps of: a) preparing egg pulp; b) mixing the egg pulp into paste; c) casting the paste on a die; d) baking the die; and e) taking the die out of an oven. The production method has the advantages of reasonable process and easiness for implementation; any synthetic dressing is not added into the cake during the preparation; prepared cake has sour taste of plum, has a certain slimming effect, has the characteristics of comfortable mouthfeel and unique taste, and is suitable for both the elders and the young.

3. A kind of plum cake

Patent Application: CN109730114A

Country: China


The present invention relates to cakes, more particularly to a kind of plum cake, the raw material including following parts by weight: 100-130 parts of wheat flour, 70-100 parts of egg, 10-20 parts of jujube paste, 5-10 parts of red bean powder, 50-70 parts of maltose, 5-15 parts of honey, 3-8 parts of raisins, 1-5 parts of baking powder, 20-60 parts of palm oil, 3-8 parts of the concentrated liquid of tradition Chinese medicine.The cake that the present invention is prepared, tasty, full of nutrition by the way that jujube paste, red bean are added in cake, raisins and the concentrated liquid of tradition Chinese medicine make the cake taste being prepared sour-sweet comprehensively, and the health-care efficacy with enriching the blood and tonifying qi.


Patent Application: 201941044981

Country: India


A fortified eggless cake premix composition and “a process for preparation thereof The present invention discloses the composition of fortified eggless cake premix which is rich in protein, fiber and low in fat. There are no added synthetic preservatives and colorants. The egg protein is replaced by adding flour prepared from germinated legumes such as horse gram, green pea, soybean, chickpea, lentil, peanut, alfalfa, acacia, cowpea and the like. Among them, the germinated horse gram holds a rich amount of protein equivalent to 24% of the total nutritional value. The composition range of the eggless cake premix comprises 6-12% of germinated legume flour, 20-26% of whole cereal flour, 12-17% of milk solids, 35-45% of sweetener, 5-8% of flavoring agent, 0.5-0.8% of leavening agent, 0.2-0.5% of raising agent. To prepare the cake premix, the germinated flour is mixed with other dry ingredients such as whole wheat flour, milk solids, flavoring agent, sweetener, leavening and raising agent and stored in an air tight container.

Intellepedia Team wishes you a Very Happy & Merry Christmas.

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