Guidelines for IP Commercialization – A Presentation by Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde at NLSIU, Bangalore

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The following presentation titled “Guidelines for IP Commercialization”, was delivered on 15th February 2017 by Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde, (Sr. Partner, BIP Counsels) at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The presentation was delivered as part of a Symposium on COMMERCIALIZATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – “with focus on Patents” organized by the Centre for IP Research and Advocacy, NLSIU headed by Professor Ramakrishna, a well known IP Professor and Advisor. The Symposium was attended by some of the country’s leading IP experts, Government officials, academics and researchers.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Strategies normally involved in IP Commercialization;
  • Revenue generation from the strategies adopted; and
  • Need of the Hour – India Policy and Framework.

You may access the full presentation here:

About Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde

Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde has over 10 years of progressive experience in technology licensing and IP management in products, technology and knowledge based companies in the US and India. He is responsible for the firm’s overall planning and execution of growth initiatives through outreach, new opportunity creation, brand development, client relationship and experience management.

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