Greatest Path-Breaking Invention!

First Publication Date: 2nd December 2010.

Since the Neanderthal age man has been on a perpetual quest to improve its living conditions which has made it possible for science to advance from one stage to another. Man is a curious being and to satisfy its insatiable curiosity it has constantly been on the lookout for new things.

The essential human journey has witnessed visionaries and inventors  who have always been in a race with time which has resulted in marvelous inventions designed to lessen human hardship and has revolutionized the human life. Inventions like the Bulb, the Steam engine, the Telephone and the Computer have all been a deciding factor in the way mankind has evolved.

  The Steam engine, believed to be the most deciding factor that ushered in the industrial revolution in the 17th century brought the world to the brink of what we now call the modern world. It transformed the entire transportation scenario and paved the way for the greatest revolution of human history.

Edison’s electric bulb which is considered to be one of the most significant  inventions in the field of electricity has helped to illuminate the after sunset hours and light up a million lives. Similarly the telephone invented in the year 1876 by Alexander Graham bell made it possible for instant communication between people living in distant places.

Lastly the advent of the computer in the year 1991 has helped save valuable time and energy and taken human intelligence to a new plane where primitive man would have never even thought of reaching.

But it has always been an ever growing debate as to which is that   one invention that has completely transformed human life. Was it the steam engine which today has evolved into fast moving trains and has made transportation much more affordable and far less time consuming or was it the bulb that made way for invention of other electrical appliances, the absence of which would have made life so inconvenient. Likewise was it the telephone which led to mobile phones or the computer which has the scope to create or provide everything that man can possibly ponder upon. Let us spare a moment to think about these manmade marvels without which life would come to a standstill.

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Authored by Zubair Siddique

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