Mahindra’s Patent Force Fuels the Fire of Genius

All of us know that Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) at Chennai is a hub for research activity, where hundreds of researchers work on creative, inventive and innovative ideas on a daily basis. Inaugurated in 2010, MRV has been instrumental in helping Mahindra scale up the value chain through its inventions and innovations in automotive/farm sectors. Over the last three years, more than sixty (60) percent of Mahindra’s ever growing patent portfolio was contributed by MRV. Today, all of Mahindra’s vehicles and products hold several inventions contributed by inventors at the research valley.

Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management Day

On 22nd July, 2015, MRV celebrated the development of knowledge and inventions during the first quarter (April-June, 2015) by felicitating its champions and leading inventors. The event started with lighting of the lamp by Dr. Aravind Bharadwaj, Mr. Nitin Ranade, Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, Mr. Robeshkumar Maity and Dr. Mathew Abraham, which were followed by inspirational address by Dr. Aravind Bharadwaj and later, thought provoking talk by Dr. Mathew Abraham.

Thereafter, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner, BananaIP Counsels, the special guest for the day delivered an insightful and interactive talk on the role of patents in fueling the fire of genius.

Once the speeches were over, chosen inventors and knowledge management champions were presented with awards.


This first of its kind event was organized by Mr. Rajeev Shirvaikar and his team of the Knowledge Management department.

Referring to the event Mr. Rajeev said,”This event symbolizes our commitment and dedication towards furthering the research goals of Mahindra and Mahindra. Inventors form the core of Mahindra’s patent success, and we in the IP team consider it an honour to recognize and appreciate their contributions. Owing to our growing patent filings, we will have one such event every quarter. My hearty congratulations to all inventors and researchers, who are helping us scale up the value chain.”


During the last two years, Mahindra’s dynamic and fast-growing IP team, under the leadership of Mr. Rajeev Shirvaikar, has been instrumental in changing the patent landscape of the company, taking Mahindra a step further in its endeavor of becoming a leader in the field of technology. Other key members of Mahindra’s IP team are Mr. S. Pund, Mr. Mahesh Gangurde, Dr. N. Saravanan, Mr. Loganathan Balasubramanian, Mr. A. Jermilloid and Mr. Dayan Sheriff


 As Mahindra rises to lead the market, MRV and its inventors are set to play a vital role in bringing forth innovative and game changing products. With Mahindra’s aggressive foray into aerospace, electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles, its research and Patent focus could well be its most vital competitive tool.