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Indian National IP Policy Update

  The Economic Times reported that the National IP Policy of India will be unveiled in the next two months. The news daily was quoting DIPP Secretary, Mr. Amitabh Kant, who said "India in the next two months will be coming out with a completely new and one of the finest IPR policies in the world."   The Draft National IP Policy received mixed response, and was quoted by some scholars as nothing more than a hastily compiled document. Other experts have…

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Automotive Industry x

Mahindra’s Patent Force Fuels the Fire of Genius

All of us know that Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) at Chennai is a hub for research activity, where hundreds of researchers work on creative, inventive and innovative ideas on a daily basis. Inaugurated in 2010, MRV has been instrumental in helping Mahindra scale up the value chain through its inventions and innovations in automotive/farm sectors. Over the last three years, more than sixty (60) percent of Mahindra's ever growing patent portfolio was contributed by MRV. Today, all of Mahindra's vehicles…

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