Industrial Designs and Yoga

To commemorate the 3rd International Yoga day, we bring to you accessories that have acquired design registrations that help one to practice yoga.

  1. Pants Knee Zone for Yoga Pants

The above design registration bearing number D732,277 was filed in 2012 as “Pants knee zone for yoga pants, dance pants, rock climbing pants, gardening pants or the like” with the US Patent office. As per the claim made in the application, the design registration is not on the entire pants but only with respect to the knee zone. Extra protection is provided on the knees so as to prevent chaffing of the knees.
The description made in the design application reads as follows:
The broken line showing of pants outside the pants knee zone is included for the purpose of illustrating portions of the article and forms and in no part of the claimed design.

  1. Balancing Yoga Board[1]

A yoga board is a structure, usually made of wood, which can be used as a bottom surface to practice yoga. The aforementioned design of yoga board incorporates a curved base making the board shaky and unstable which aids to improve the balance of a person. The concept is similar to that of a traditional seesaw or other balance boards used to develop motor coordination skills.

  1. Socks for Yoga

Andrea R. Paulin, a US national has acquired design registration bearing number D548,951 for socks. The socks are specifically designed for exercising, yoga or pilates.  The toes are kept uncovered unlike conventional socks to enable performing a variety of yoga poses. Further, the circular textural print on the bottom of the socks is designed to provide grip and support.
The description made in the design application reads as follows:
FIG. 1 is a top perspective view of a sock for pilates, yoga, or exercise of the present invention showing my new design with the dotted lines depicting solely environmental structure and forming no part of the claimed design.

  1. Block for yoga practice[2]

The design patent granted is for the ornamental design for a block for yoga practice. The registered design is in its 7th year of its term and will expire in 2025. The block is structured to include a variety of grips to facilitate a range of yoga poses.

  1. Set of Yoga Pose Chocolates [3]

The design patent bearing registration number D711,616 includes a series of 16 yoga poses on a single circular disk chocolate. The design claim is only with respect to the different poses and not on the circular chocolate disk.
[1] D734,411
[2] D639,876
[3] D711,616

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