VPATAPP – An Android based app for patent professionals

An android based mobile application called “VPATAPP” was launched in the third week of October. The app aggregates patent-related information and can be downloaded free of cost from the Android Playstore

About the app:

VPATAPP is a simple tool, which acts as a repository of all patents-related links and information, from around the world. Currently the app has only patent related resources. However, subsequent version may feature other forms of IP. This app has been designed primarily for patent professionals, across various industries and the academia. This app currently has seven different features:

  1. Patent Blogs: The app provides links to various IP blogs across the globe. Currently, Sinapse is not a part of the blog list. However, the second version which is planned to be launched in the month of December, 2015 would feature Sinapse.
  2. Weblinks for full time LLM/Masters/ Graduate courses in IP around the world including USA, Europe, India, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Israel and South Africa.
  3. Various journals in the area of Intellectual Property Law, especially patents;
  4. Weekly or monthly official gazettes or registers published by different patent offices across the world; Currently 54 countries/regions are covered under this tab.
  5. Patent classification systems;
  6. Patent search websites available from patent offices across the world; Currently 62 countries/regions are covered under this tab.
  7. Updated full text patent acts of different countries as published by the patent offices or WIPO; Currently 55 countries/regions are covered under this tab.

To download the app please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.gunadhya.vpatapp

About the team of app developers:

The app has been created by a team of four IP enthusiasts. The team is led by Mr. Vijaykumar Shivpuje, whose profile can be accessed here: https://in.linkedin.com/pub/vijaykumar-shivpuje/14/50a/75a. Vijaykumar carries with him more than a decade of experience in the patents domain and is currently working with a pharmaceutical MNC.

The second version of the app is under development and will comprise of certain additional features. The subsequent version would be available from the month of December, 2015.

Review of the app

Although the app lacks aesthetic appeal, it is simple, functional and user-friendly. All the aforementioned features (Patent blogs, IP courses, Patent Search Websites etc.) have been covered in the app. The information, however, under certain tabs such as the tab for IP courses, is limited. But this is the first version of the app, and hopefully subsequent versions will incorporate more information in this regard. Lastly, featuring information with respect to other forms of IP will definitely increase the app’s appeal.

All the very best to Mr. Shivpuje and his team from SiNApSE. Congratulations on the good effort.

All comments, feedback and reviews about the app can be directed to [email protected] or can be sent directly to +91 9768665354.

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