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This image shows the weekly news updates for Ecommerce.

Weekly News Updates: E-Commerce

Weekly news updates for the E-commerce domain. E-Commerce monopolistic practices to be curbed by CAIT campaign In order to curtail the anti-competitive practices carried out by big corporate houses, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) will be launching a campaign to form clusters of traders on the cooperative model. CAIT will encourage and educate traders to form clusters and pool their resources including finance, technology and marketing in order to improve their purchasing power, negotiating with producers and also…

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Latest Trademark Cases in 2021 - Part 13

Latest Trademark Cases in 2021 – Part 13

Walmart Apollo Llc vs Aayush Jain & Anr In this case, the Plaintiff owns a registered trademark for WALMART / WAL-MART. The Defendant applied for WMART and allegedly used since April, 2019. The Plaintiff filed an infringement suit against the Defendant, who was using 'WMart' and www.wmartretail.com. The Plaintiff prayed for an injunction during the pendency of the suit, which the Court granted until the next date of hearing. Citation: Walmart Apollo Llc vs Aayush Jain & Anr, Decided by Delhi…

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The featured image shows the words thank you written on a small piece of paper. The psot is about the recent trademark dispute between Citigroup and AT&T with respect to the use of the word ''Thank you''. To know more, please click here.

“Thank You” AT&T and CitiGroup

  We have come across a lot of bizarre Intellectual Property litigations in the past and the recent trademark dispute involving the banking giant Citigroup and the technology giant AT&T is no different from being considered as one such litigation. It is to be noted that Citigroup had earlier applied for the trademark "THANKYOU". Surprisingly they were able to get this phrase trademarked to use it in relation to their goods and services. However, AT&T allegedly used the mark "Thanks" in…

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The featured image depicts the star wars movie banner. The post is about the IP asset and claims of lucasfim and disney. To read more click here.

May the (IP) Force be with you

Yes!!! The first part of the third and final trilogy of the now Disney owned Star Wars series is finally set to release in Indian theaters on 25th of December, a full week after the rest of the world, thanks a ton- Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. But, as The Huffington Post correctly notes, it could be a lot worse, as is the case of China (9th January, 2016). And no, this article, unlike the many others surfacing elsewhere on the…

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry x

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

  Brands – the backbone of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) valuation William Shakespeare once said “What's in a name?” For FMCG companies, it’s all about the product names that consumers identify from the TV advertisements or trips to the supermarket. It is critical to your business because: It’s a marketing tool; brand recall leads to greater sales and profitability It strengthens your licensing opportunities and therefore revenue from distributors/partners It increases your company’s valuation, leading to…

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