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Weekly Copyright, Media, and Entertainment Law Updates

This week’s copyright, media, and entertainment law updates are as below-   Delhi HC awards Rs 2 lakhs to Microsoft in Copyright Violation Case The  High Court of Delhi has awarded Microsoft Rs 20 lakh in damages in the case of Microsoft Corporation vs Rupesh Waidande, a 12-year-old copyright infringement case. The, holding that that the Mumbai-based company illegally replicated and utilized Microsoft’s copyrighted products, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Windows Server, for commercial purposes. This unauthorized installation and use of…

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Featured image reads patents imprinted on a surface made of iron. The post related to patents. To read the post click here.

Patent Infringement Claim on Cancer Treatment Drug

  “You win some and you lose some”, this is a phrase all too familiar to most people and more specifically to the market of pharmaceuticals. It is perhaps this phrase that most pharmaceutical companies live by during their existence! Patent infringement, claim invalidation, compulsory license and Generic companies are the most clichéd words that one comes across, whenever there is a mention of pharmaceutical patents. Eli Lilly (a cancer treatment drug) happens to be one such entity that has “been…

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