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Latest Updates on Trademark Law - 1st August to 8th August, 2021

Latest Updates on Trademark Law – 1st August to 8th August, 2021

Indian Trademark Updates Samsung India Faces Temporary Injunction in Trademark Infringement Suit In a recent decision by the City Civil Court at Bengaluru, technology giant Samsung India, along with its service provider Story Experiences Pvt. Ltd., have been temporarily restrained from using the term “Concierge”.  The suit was instituted by Dipali Sikand, the founder of Lesconcierges Services Pvt. Ltd. and Club Concierge Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., who claimed that she was the first person to introduce concierge services in…

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Weekly Patent News

IBM #1 patent filer in 2020, Samsung at #2, Court rules in favor of Garmin in patent suit involving Philips and more

In this week’s Patent News – Court rules in favor of Garmin in patent suit involving Philips; USITC steps into the Ericsson versus Samsung dispute; EPO and CIPO make their PPH fast-track programme permanent; EU Parliamentarians back India – South Africa proposal on patent waivers for COVID-Vaccine; IPO’s Top 300 listing ranks International Business Machines (IBM) #1 and Samsung at #2; EPO publishes study on economic benefits of owning intellectual property rights – especially for small businesses; PATENT INFRINGEMENT…

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Patent News Updates 2020

India and U.S.A sign MoU to strengthen Intellectual Property Rights, Office of CGPDTM publishes list of new facilitators under SIPP Scheme and other news updates

In this week’s Patent News – India and U.S.A sign MoU to strengthen Intellectual Property Rights; Office of CGPDTM publishes list of new facilitators under SIPP Scheme; MeitY Director observes two-fold increase in the number of IP applications filed by Startups; Illumina moves U.S District Court for preliminary injunction against BGI in a patent infringement suit; Nanoco files patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung and other news updates. INDIA PATENT NEWS India and U.S.A sign MoU to strengthen Intellectual Property Rights Ahead of…

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Freedom 251 promotional image. The post is about patent infringment. to read more click here.

Ringing Bells and Freedom 251 – Free From All IP Concerns? – Part II

  Patents on Mobile Phones Our previous post gave an introduction to the Freedom 251 phone controversy and how it is making waves in the IP quarters.  Now let’s analyze things from the patent perspective. Reports published in January, 2016 indicate that India’s mobile subscriber population has crossed the 1 billion mark and is growing. India also is home for the second largest population in terms of Internet user base, overtaking the US. Statistics as of December, 2015 indicate that out of…

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The image depicts the Samsung Logo.

Samsung and Huawei Lose Patent Fight against Unwired Planet

In a recent development in the realm of SEP’s , a US technology firm; Unwired Planet, Inc. has won the first round against electronic giants Samsung and  Huawei over a mobile communication technology said to be essential to the 4G telecommunication system. The interim judgment was passed by the UK Patents Court against as many as 8 parties including Samsung, Huawei, Google and its subsidiaries, and Ericsson earlier this year in July 2015. In March 2014, Unwired Planet brought a…

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Patent Claims x

TiVo and Patent Infringement

  The makers of the famous TiVo DVR systems, TiVo Inc. are taking Samsung to court over the alleged patent infringement of four of their patents. Deja vu? Feels like we’ve heard this story before, haven’t we? Well, TiVo loves the litigation game and has taken several big companies, such as EchoStar/Dish, AT&T, Motorola, Verizon and Cisco, to court for infringing its patents, winning almost a whopping $1.6 billion in damages.   So why is TiVo suing Samsung this time? According to…

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The featured image is of the Lion Capital which consists of the Ashoka Chakra, with a horse and bull on either sides, and an hoisted Indian flag below it. The Lion Capital is the national emblem of India. The image is related to the post as it is a part of the Sinapse Series"Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress". To read the post click here.

Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress Part 8

This post takes a look at top patent applicants in India among IT Companies and Research Institutions during the last decade. Among IT Companies Samsung and Infosys have made noteworthy progress. Samsung especially has not only expanded its research activities in India, but has also increased its patent filings substantially. Among research organisations, CSIR and ICAR figure among the top filers. IITs, and IISc are  among the top applicants among educational institutes. The tables below provide details of patent numbers for five organisations…

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This image depicts a Blackberry phone. This post discusses why Samsung wants to acquire Blackberry from an IP perspective. Click on the image to read the full post.

What makes Samsung want to buy Blackberry?

The market is rife with the reports of Korean phone-maker Samsung intending to acquire Blackberry for $7.5 billion, in spite of both the companies labelling the reports “groundless”. The speculation sent the Canadian smart-phone maker’s stock soaring 30% before it fell down by 17%. The possibility of the acquisition has raised a very important question- What makes Blackberry so appealing to Samsung? The acquisition would give Samsung the access to Blackberry’s robust patent portfolio that includes 44,000 patents worth over…

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