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Weekly Copyright, Media, and Entertainment Law Updates

This week’s copyright, media, and entertainment law updates are as below: Japan’s Supreme Court Exempts Music Students from Copyright Fees In an appeal from the Intellectual Property High Court, the Supreme Court rejected the plea by Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (JASRAC) affirming the lower court’s judgment. The First Petty Bench of the Supreme Court, presided by Justice Takuya Miyama, upholding Intellectual Property High Court’s judgement, declared that the student’s use of copyrighted works in music school…

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The featured image shows the symbol of copyright in purple colour on a white background.The post is about the recent allegation of copyright infringement against the short movie 'kriti'. To know more, please click here.

Kriti vs Bob

  The latest development in the copyright dispute between the makers of short films 'Kriti' and 'Bob' is discussed in this post. To know more about this copyright dispute which was published in an earlier post, please click here. The turbulence between Shirish Kunder’s 'Kriti' and Aneel Neupane’s 'Bob' finally seems to have reached its climax with the comeback of KRITI on YouTube. Neupane’s allegations of copyright infringement had infuriated Kunder, who claimed that there was no scope for any such copy…

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