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Interesting Patent Pending Invention

  First Publication Date: 21st December 2018   Most technology and engineering companies perceive development of a good portfolio of patents as a key function that enables them to differentiate themselves from their competition, and maintain strategic advantage in their business. Companies adopt various patent generation, protection and management strategies to develop a portfolio of patents. Strategies used by companies for generation of IP include, identifying inventions generated within the company, tying up with universities to generate IP, and acquiring third party IP. Acquiring…

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The featured image shows a woman whose image is split in two halves. One part is red and shows the devil on her shoulder while the other is blue and shows an Angel on the shoulder. The picture is also captioned "Morality by its own standards is the most immoral thing to exist, because it can justify the most horrible atrocities in the name of so-called greater good". To read more click here.

Morality and Patentability of Sexual Inventions

Morality is regularly cited as a ground of objection by the Indian Patent Office (IPO) while examining applications involving sexual inventions relating to aids, devices and stimulants. To understand if any of the patent applications managed to overcome the said objections and proceed to grant, we reviewed patent applications in class A61 relating to sexual aids, stimulants, toys and methods. Details of the patent documents reviewed have been provided in another part of this post. Out of seventeen (17) sexual…

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