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OTT Giants File Infringement Suit Against Forty Rogue Websites for Online Piracy

The plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against 40 defendants seeking a permanent injunction for infringement of their exclusive rights in their original content/work, protected under the Copyright Act of 1957. The defendants are rogue websites that engage in online piracy by acquiring the plaintiffs’ original content and offering access to infringing and unauthorized content available for download and streaming. The Court passed an interim order restraining the forty defendants from hosting, streaming, reproducing, distributing, making available to the public, or…

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Openload and Streamango Shut Down Due to Piracy, UK High Court Holds TuneIn Liable for Unauthorised Rebroadcasting, Biopic on Late Politician Jayalalitha Receives Court Notice, and more

Spinal Tap Creators and Vivendi Settle Legal Dispute; Openload and Streamango Shut Down Due to Piracy; UK High Court Holds TuneIn Liable for Unauthorised Rebroadcasting; Maserati Pulls Out of Taiwan Film Awards; US Copyright Office Releases New Informative Videos on YouTube; ‘Rustom’ Writer Sued for Allegedly Hurting Catholic Sentiments; Fresh Legal Hassles for Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Bala’; Bollywood Producer Sues Team Behind ‘Mere Dad ki Dulhan’ TV Show; Biopic on Late Politician Jayalalitha Receives Court Notice; and more.   International Copyright and Entertainment…

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The image has a "STOP" written in it to depict anti-piracy intentions. The post is about a US District Court decision which stopped a popular download website that was infringing copyright. Click on image to view post.

Online Piracy: A Convenient Crime

This post was first published on March 8th, 2012. Recently a US District Court ordered shut down of the popular file-sharing site www.megaupload.com after the US government accused the site of pocketing more than $175 million by sharing pirated films, books, music and software files. Kim Dotcom, the founder of the site was arrested in New Zealand and his Auckland mansion with a fleet of luxury cars was put on display. The US Government has alleged that…

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No more Free Porn, Malibu Media

  Malibu Media runs a website X-art.com, which hosts short erotic films. It is a subscription based website and claims to have more than seven hundred erotic videos. The website claims to host videos of gorgeous models from USA, Europe, South America, etc. Subscription plans on the website range from 19.95 dollars to 99.95 dollars.   Sometime in 2011, Malibu Media realized that the business is not growing owing to wide spread piracy of its videos on Bit Torrents and by other…

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