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Recap 2021 – Indian Copyright Case Laws

In this post, we bring to you few Copyright Cases decided by Indian Courts in the year 2021:- Sony Pictures Network India Pvt. Ltd. vs. www.sportsala.tv And Ors In this case, Sony Pictures filed a suit against numerous defendants primarily praying for a permanent injunction against reproducing, making available, distributing, broadcasting, and so on of the cricket matches between India’s tours of England and Sri Lanka. During the pendency of the suit, Sony Pictures prayed for an interim injunction asking for more or less…

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Important Indian Copyright Cases – 2021

In this post, we bring to you Important Copyright Cases decided by Indian Courts in the year 2021 Krishna Kishore Singh vs. Sarla A. Saraogi & Ors. In this case, the Delhi High Court refused to grant an interim injunction against publication and release of films purportedly related to Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) as the plaintiff, SSR’s father failed to make out a prima facie case, and because irreparable harm and balance of convenience were in favour of the defendants. The…

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Latest Copyright Cases 2021: Part 3

Latest Indian Copyright Cases – 2021 – Part 3

Muthoot Finance Limited vs Shalini Kalra & Ors In this case, the Plaintiff, Muthoot Finance Limited, a non-banking financial institution, provided business and personal loans against the deposit of gold jewellery. As a part of this business the Plaintiff had to maintain proprietary and confidential information related to its vast customer base in the form of a database which in turn constituted a ‘literary work’ as under Section 2(o) of the Copyright Act, 1957 and it also amounted to trade…

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