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Trademark Infringement

Madrid Protocol- International Trademark Filing Becomes Easier

This post was first published on 11th August, 2013.   India has been officially notified as a member to the Madrid Protocol on 8th July 2013 joining 89 other countries including the USA and European Union. What is Madrid Protocol The Madrid Protocol is an international trademark filing system that provides a cost-effective and efficient way for individuals and entities to secure protection for their marks in multiple countries by filing one application with the Indian Trademark office. At present, there are a total…

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The image is of a stop sign with a man screaming stop and his hand gesturing stop as the post is about the staying of all TM registry's abandonment orders by the Delhi High Court. To read more click here.

Delhi HC stays abandonment orders issued by the TM Registry

  As all of you may be aware, we have been covering all latest developments about the hasty mass abandonment of trademark applications by the Trade Mark Registry on a regular basis. As per the Registry, such action was taken due to the non-receipt of trademark responses to Examination Reports, within the statutory limit of 30 days. Earlier this week we reported about the public notice issued by the Controller General of Patents Trademarks and Designs stating the following- “It is…

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