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Weekly Trademark Updates

This week’s trademark updates are as follows: HT Media Ltd. provided relief from Delhi High Court Delhi High Court has granted ex-parte ad interim injunction in favour of HT Media Limited (the news publication house) which has a registered Trademark - Hindustan Times. The order was passed against the rogue website for using a deceptively similar domain name and abstained the website from using www.hindustantimes.tech and also restrained the website from publishing any articles, columns, reviews that can violate the copyrights…

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This week's trademark updates are as follows: Coke Studio v. Cook Studio : The trademark conundrum The ongoing tussle between one Nikhil Chawla,  proprietor , of  "The Chawla Group" against 'The Coca Cola Company', has now been referred to mediation by Justice Pratibha M Singh. The Court stated that both the parties are being referred to the Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre on 31st May, 2022 . Mr. Rajeev Varma, Senior Counsel has been appointed as the mediator for…

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