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World’s Best IP Blogs – IP Tango

Hello there dear readers. Hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas. In our recent post on the World’s Best IP Blogs we featured an IP blog from China called “China IPR.” In today’s post we bring to you an Intellectual Property blog from Latin America. Tango happens to be a dance form that originated in Argentina and Uruguay, in this context Tango refers to the second part of the name of the blog that we are bringing to…

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World’s Best IP Blogs – IPKat

First things first, the previous month was a rather crazy one for us at BananaIP. In a span of 20 days we featured 84 posts, all of which were extremely well received. On this note, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our readers for making the Blogathon a raging success. We also thank the readers for their continued support which encourages us to continuously strive towards excellence. The primary objective of BananaIP has been to bring…

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