Celebrating 20 Years of IP Excellence

The featured image shows the cartoon of a Pirate. This post is about the Pirate bay company being sued for copyright infringement. To read more click here.

Copyright Pirates! BREIN is coming for you!

  Well we’re all aware how heinous a crime piracy is and how every year the entertainment industry suffers a loss of millions of dollars due to it. For more than a decade anti-piracy organizations have been targeting pirate websites to curb instances of piracy. One such organization is BREIN (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland, which roughly translates to association for the Protection of the Rights of the Entertainment Industry of the Netherlands), a Dutch organization which has been an active…

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The featured image is the symbol of Net Neutrality. The post is about the negative aspects of TRAIs decision on net neutrality. To read more click here.

TRAI’s Ban on Differential Pricing – The other side of Net Neutrality

  Thomas, in his earlier post shared his views on the beneficial aspects of TRAI’s Ban on Differential Pricing. However, in this post I will try to bring forth the arguments of those in favor of differential pricing and how these arguments may be justified keeping in mind the Indian economy. The whole country had been discussing back and forth with various ongoing campaigns of all kinds about Net Neutrality. The recent TRAI order prohibits all such data services which provided access to…

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