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Clips of Copyrighted Material Constitute FAIR USE!

This post was first published on 19th September, 2014.   In a recent copyright dispute, a New York Court recently held that a database providing for television clips and snippets of transcript constitute fair use, protecting it from allegations of copyright infringement. TVEyes is a company that monitors and records all contents broadcast by more than 1,400 television and radio stations and transforms this content into a searchable database for its subscribers. TVEyes allows its subscribers to use search terms and obtain transcripts and video…

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‘Bound by Law: Tales from the Public Domain’

(Trapped in a struggle she didn’t understand; By day a filmmaker....by night she fought for fair use!) Could you ever imagine there being a graphic novel on Fair Use? Surprise, surprise! Some law scholars actually thought it to be a feasible idea and created this unusual piece of work. James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins and Keith Aoki, from the Duke Centre for the Study of the Public Domain, being passionate copyright enthusiasts as well as keen artists published a graphic novel…

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Machinima – Copyright and Related Issues – Part II

In our post last week, we discussed about the art of machinima, i.e. the use of visuals from a video game to create a cinematographic film. As machinima is a derivative work, using the characters and the environment from the game without the authorization of the game developers would usually constitute an act of infringement. However, many of the creators of machinima, or machinimators, rely on the fair use provisions in the event that a copyright infringement claim is brought…

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‘Fair Use’ – Professors versus Publishers

  In a recent judgment, A U.S. Court ruled in favor of Georgia State University’s professors’ using excerpts of published works for the purpose of education. The case primarily rules in favor of the professors and the university on the issue of Copyright Infringement. The case involved Georgia State University on the defending side and three major publishing companies namely, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and SAGE publications as the plaintiffs who had collectively filed around 74 copyright infringement claims against…

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