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Register for Session 3 of the Free Masterclass on Intellectual Property by BananaIP and NASSCOM

Upcoming: Free Webinar on Patent Process and Strategy – Session 3 of the Master Class on IP by BananaIP and NASSCOM’s KTech CoE on Data Science

The Certificate Master Class  on IP by BananaIP Counsels and NASSCOM's KTech CoE on Data Science  has completed two weeks, and the third session is coming up this week on 10th June, 2021 (Thursday). During this session, reputed patent attorneys from BananaIP will cover the patent process and related strategic options for businesses. You may register for the session for free at this link: here What will this session cover? With primary focus on patent procedure and…

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India and foreign patent news

Electronic filing of PPH request commences at IPO, Indian patent office to be at par with USPTO and more

In this week’s Patent News - Electronic filing of PPH request commences on 5th December 2019, 70 requests already filed; Indian Government to establish IPO based on the model of USPTO; CII publishes unique report on using IP as collateral at the 5th edition of the annual IP Conference; Sisvel and Spotify enter into patent licensing agreement; InterDigital files patent infringement lawsuit against Huawei; Avanci signs patent licensing agreement with Volvo Cars; Hong Kong hosts 9th edition of Business of…

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Can you get a patent in one year in India

One more way to faster patents in India approved by Government!

Christmas has come early for patent applicants in India! In an attempt to reduce patent pendency periods and improve the quality of search and examination of patent applications, the Union Cabinet on Tuesday (20th of November 2019) formally approved a proposal for Bilateral Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Program between the Indian patent office and patent offices of various other interested countries/regions. This approval comes after the Government set the ball rolling for faster examination of patents and grants earlier this…

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weekly patent news - Patent statistics

20000 patents granted till date. Will the Indian patent office issue enough patents this year?

This week’s Patent & Design data has been compiled from the Official Journal of the Patents and Designs Office published by the patent office on the 15th of November 2019. These statistics are presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Intellectual Property Firm. INDIAN PATENT STATISTICS A total of 714 patent applications have been published in the 46th issue of the Patent Journal, 2019. Out of the 714 applications published in the…

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The featured image shows the iconic comic book character called Flash. This image is being used to draw a comparison between the speed with which the IPO is disposing the patent applications and he speed with which superhero flash moves

Indian Patent Office working at Lightning Speeds

  Authored by Gaurav Mishra The Indian Patent Office appears to be breaking records with each passing day. From lightning fast publications to issue of examination reports and patent grants, the patent office is certainly en route to shedding off its sluggish and languid image. A few incidents – some experienced firsthand and others reported elsewhere are a testimonial to the patent office’s commitment to getting rid of the immense backlog that has been plaguing the offices and applicants alike. In a…

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The featured image reads Weekly News Updates: Patent News. The logo of intellepedia also forms part of the featured image. To read more click here.

Patents granted to Google, TVS & Microsoft, DIPP and WIPO agreement, Apple and Samsung v. Qualcomm, Expedited examination and more

Patent Validity, Interesting patents from Google, TVS & Microsoft, DIPP and WIPO agreement, WIPO Summer School on IP, Apple and Samsung versus Qualcomm, Seminars, and Conferences, Startup patents, Expedited examination and more, presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s Premier New Age IP Firm. Patent Quote of the Week “Patent Validity is a figment of legal interpretation, it can be contested, reversed and cancelled any time before expiry.” – Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Renowned IP Attorney, Professor and Novelist…

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the featured image displays the words “Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016”. To read more click here.

Patent Amendment Rules 2016

  In furtherance to the National IPR Policy released on the 13th  of May 2016, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has issued a notification bringing the Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016 into effect from 16th  May 2016. Much of the content of the Draft Patent Rules has been maintained in the Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016 with some further additions. Our post on the salient features of the Draft Patent Rules issued in 2015 can be accessed here…

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