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Patent Infringement Analysis – Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at UPES School of Law

This presentation is part of the 'Patent Law and Practice Program' being taught by BananaIP Team at UPES School of Law to B.tech-LLB Students. This presentation is titled "Infringement Analysis" and covers the following topics: Patent Rights Infringement and types Direct Infringement Claim Construction Claim Elements Interactive Examples Doctrine of Equivalence Lalabhai v. Chimanlal case Indirect Infringement Defenses against infringement Examples About 'The Dravidian' - Dr. Kalyan's latest legal IP…

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Festivities at the IPO, Amazon’s drone patents, Qualcomm patent licensing, Nokia’s mega patent deal, Qualcomm v. Apple in China, BananaIP cited in Forbes, Doctrine of Equivalence, Nuziveedu v. Monsanto, Patent Tip of the Week and more.

  “Festivities at the IPO, Amazon patents drone for car charging, Qualcomm enters patent licensing agreement, Nokia’s mega patent deal, Qualcomm v. Apple in China, BananaIP cited in Forbes, WIPO General assembly concludes, No design treaty yet, Apple accused of willful patent infringement, Doctrine of Equivalence, Nuziveedu v. Monsanto, Patent tip of the week and more weekly news updates,” presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Patent Quote of the Week “Good drafting makes…

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Decision on Non-obviousness of Patent

Role of a Scientific Advisor/ Expert in Patent litigation

Patent law is one of the most complex legal areas, more specifically a techno-legal area where lay persons, including judges and patent attorneys have a hard time understanding the facts and technologies discussed during patent litigation cases. A scientific advisor or a scientific expert in the specific technology plays a crucial role in educating and presenting intricate technological issues, he/she helps translate complex technology and communicate the legal implications of conclusions into terms the judges and the patent attorneys can…

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