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CASE BRIEF : Osram GmbH & Anr. Vs. Tejmeet Singh Sethi & Anr.

Facts Plaintiffs, M/s Osram GmbH and Osram Lighting Private Limited [“OLPL”] filed a suit against Mr. Tejmeet Singh Sethi and Mr. Hartej Singh Sethi (Defendants) claiming their rights in the registered Trademark “OSRAM”. This mark was adopted by OLPL internationally in 1906 and later registered in India in 1945 by General Electric Company Limited. Plaintiffs were engaged in manufacturing a range of products comprising Lumilux Plus Fluorescent Lamps, CFL lamps and other related products. Plaintiffs found that Defendants, who were…

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The featured image shows the logo of Yahoo Inc. The post is about the recent judgment of the Delhi High Court in a trademark infringement suit between Yahoo and an Indian Firm. To know more, please click here.

Yahoo! Inc wins Trademark Lawsuit against Indian Firm AFPL

The Delhi High Court has recently restrained an Indian firm, M/s Apricot Foods Pvt. Ltd (AFPL) from using the trademark 'Yahoo' in relation to any of its products. It is a well known fact that the trademark 'Yahoo' is owned by the technology giant, Yahoo Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California,U.S. Yahoo Inc. also known as Yahoo! or YAHOO!, has been using the trademark 'Yahoo' since 1994. This judgment given by the Delhi High Court is a result of the suit which…

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