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Latest Copyright Cases in 2022 – Part 1

This running post provides a summary of the latest Copyright cases decided by courts in India in 2022: Samir Kasal v. Prashant Mehta & Ors. The Plaintiff conceptualized a cricket league format titled ‘Legends Premier League’ wherein famous retired cricket players would play a Test format of cricket. The details about the same were provided to Defendant No. 2 in a strictly confidential manner. However, the Defendants decided to organize ‘Legends League Cricket’ without the Plaintiff’s consent which led him to…

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Business of Issuing Copyright Licenses can be carried out by Copyright Societies “only”

Novex Communications v. DXC Technologies & Anr. Decided by: Madras High Court Decided on: 08.12.2021 Facts of the Case The Plaintiff was involved in a business of protecting the copyright for sound recordings – in the capacity of an assignee, or an agent of the copyright holders. In order to do so, the Plaintiff had entered into various agreements with the holders of the copyrights, and had obtained several rights related to the sound recordings – in particular, the rights for the…

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This Image depicts the Word Art of 'Copyright'.This Image is relevant as the article deals with the Bombay High Court's Clarification on grey areas in Copyright Amendments Act,2012. Click on this Image for more Information.

India’s Copyright Societies & Collective Rights Management – Part VI

This post was first published on 4th August, 2014.   The primary purpose of a Copyright Society, also referred to as a Copyright Collective, is Collective Rights Management. A typical society acts as a middle man between authors/owners of copyrighted works and the Licensees of such works. Simply put, authors transfer all or some of their rights to the society and the society, in turn, licenses those rights, collects royalty and distributes the royalty among authors. The society also collects an administrative,…

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The image says NON (non in french) written on a hand painted red. The article is about IPRS non longer being a copyright society. To read more click here.

I got (NO) power-IPRS restrained from issuing licenses by Delhi HC

  Not too long ago, the Delhi High Court meted out a very important decision with respect to the status of IPRS as a copyright society.  The suit was filed by Mrs Chitra Jagjit Singh (Plaintiff), wife of the late artist Mr Jagjit Singh and a popular artist herself, against IPRS (Defendant 1) for wrongfully issuing licenses with respect to her and her late husband’s copyrighted works. It was pleaded by the Plaintiff that IPRS was no longer a copyright society,…

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