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Latest Updates on Trademark Law - 1st August to 8th August, 2021

Latest Updates on Trademark Law – 1st August to 8th August, 2021

Indian Trademark Updates Samsung India Faces Temporary Injunction in Trademark Infringement Suit In a recent decision by the City Civil Court at Bengaluru, technology giant Samsung India, along with its service provider Story Experiences Pvt. Ltd., have been temporarily restrained from using the term “Concierge”.  The suit was instituted by Dipali Sikand, the founder of Lesconcierges Services Pvt. Ltd. and Club Concierge Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., who claimed that she was the first person to introduce concierge services in…

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This image describes a can of Coca Cola. This image is relevant because this post talks about whether or not Coca Cola's trade secret is still a trade secret. Click on the image to view full post.

Is Coke’s Formulation Still a Trade Secret?

This post was first published on February 16, 2011. Coca Cola's secret formulation is the most cited example to elucidate the business value of trade secrets. Coca Cola has been taking stringent measures to protect the secrecy of its formulation and it is believed that the formulation makes it the most popular soft drink in the world. Recent news reports seem to suggest that Coke's formulation is not a trade secret any more. Alleged claims of a weekly public radio…

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The featured image shows coffee in a small white cup with a spoon placed on the side of the cup on a plate. The post is about discussions about various IP related topics over coffee. To know more, please click here.

Intellectual Property : Sipping on IP

Well I am guessing the title of this post may have piqued your interest. ‘Sipping on IP’ is an initiative taken by BananaIP Counsels, where everyone gathers over coffee and lets ideas, discussions and conversations about intellectual property brew. There are no ground rules and the conversation can be about varied topics from more current pressing issues to any IP related concept. It is a great way to connect, take a break and learn from your peers. Let’s see what we sipped…

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