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What are the Benefits of Working with a Patent Attorney?

What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

A patent attorney can help companies to protect their inventions and to commercialise their technology. They can provide advice on the patentability of an invention, on the drafting of patent applications, and on infringement and validity issues. In addition, they can offer other services, such as freedom-to-operate opinions, due diligence reports, and patent portfolio management. Read More Continue Reading What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

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Drafting a Patent Specification

Introduction and Approach A patent specification is considered to be a techno-legal document because of the presence of technical details of the invention and legal limits of the protection embedded therein. The language used in a patent specification has a combination of technical and legal jargons. Patent specification is a document through which an inventor discloses the details of his invention in exchange for the exclusive rights awarded by the government. From a broader perspective, the government expects a patent…

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The featured image shows the word software written in blue colour on a white background in italics. This post is regarding the patentablity of software. To know more, please click here.

Enfish, LLC v. Microsoft Corporation : A Victory For Software Patents

There is now a ray of hope for computer and software based patents. The case which is  discussed below is the second one post Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International case. In Enfish, LLC v. Microsoft Corporation, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed a California district court’s summary judgment that two software patents were directed to an “abstract idea” without “significantly more” and therefore were not eligible for patent. The facts of the case are stated below.…

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