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AstraZeneca sells rights over two patented cancer drugs, South Korea introduces IP backed financing and more

In this week’s Patent News - IP filings by IIT-Delhi increase by 20% in 2019; Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires commercial rights for two cancer drugs from AstraZeneca; Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property conducts training program; South Korea encourages IP backed financing India Patent News IP filings by IIT-Delhi increase by 20% in 2019 According to an Economic times report, IIT-Delhi has apparently filed about 150 intellectual property applications in connection with patents, designs and other forms of IP, in India as…

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The featured image reads Weekly News Updates: Patent News. The logo of intellepedia also forms part of the featured image. To read more click here.

Diaries that charge mobiles, Patent Agent Examination, IBM versus Groupon, AstraZeneca v. Dr. Reddy’s, Ericsson and LG Electronics Patent Licensing Agreement, Design Tip of the week and more.

  “Drop in number of patent applications published, Interesting Patents, Wireless mobile charging diary, Passive haptic learning based typing skill enhancement system for the visually impaired, Patent Agent Examination registrations, IBM wins $83 million in suit against Groupon, AstraZeneca sues Dr. Reddy’s in Delhi High Court, Ericsson and LG Electronics sign Global Patent License Agreement, Design Tip and other Weekly Patent News,” presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Patent Quote of the Week…

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The featured image shows the words thats all folks. this post is about the decision of two indian generic drug manufactures to drop their request for Compulsory licenses. to read more click here.

Lee and BDR decision – the End of Compulsory Licenses?!

Earlier this week, the words, “Compulsory License”, “Section 84” and “Indian pharma” once again made the headlines. This time however, it wasn’t a new case being brought forth; instead it was the decision to bury two old ones. The news reports suggested that two Indian drugmakers had given up a battle to copy drugs developed by Bristol Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca, blaming a lack of government support for cheap generics and pressure from Big Pharma. The two Indian drug makers…

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Lee Pharma v. AstraZeneca- An unfinished Patent Story

Compulsory licensing cases and India have a peculiar relationship. They are in a way, soul sisters in the world of Intellectual property. Section 84 of the Patents Act, 1970 has always been the subject of intense debate. It hasn’t been very long since India issued its first ever compulsory licence to Natco Pharma, an Indian generic company, for Bayer’s blockbuster anti-cancer drug Nexavar (Sorafenib) in March 2012. Two other CL applications followed the Nexavar case, one relating to Roche’s Herceptin…

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