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Weekly Trademark Updates

This week’s trademark updates are as follows – Rooh Afza counterfeit products restrained from sale on Amazon India A recent order from the Delhi High Court restrained the sale of sherbet products bearing the fake name ‘Rooh Afza’, which were made in Pakistan. The complaint was filed by Hamdard National Foundation, alleging that sherbet products produced in Pakistan were being sold in India bearing the fake name ‘Rooh Afza’. The company filed the case against Amazon India and a company named…

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Image accompanying blogpost on "CASE BRIEF : Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. vs Amazonbuys.in & Ors."

CASE BRIEF : Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. vs Amazonbuys.in & Ors.

Facts The Plaintiff, Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd., owns, operates and manages the India online marketplace at www.amazon.in on which lakhs of third-party sellers and buyers interact and conduct their transactions. Plaintiff No. 2, owns the trademark ‘AMAZON’ in various classes and copyright on the ‘AMAZON’ logos. Plaintiff No.2 has licensed its copyrights and trademarks to Amazon Seller Services, for the purposes of promotion, publication and merchandising within the territory of India. Amazon Seller Services alleged that the Defendants, Amazonbuys.in and others…

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