Smoking Without Smoke

This post was first published on 9th April, 2011.
Smoking has become one of the biggest problems haunting youngsters today. Many of us know the famous scene from a Tamil movie starring Rajinikanth where Rajinikanth takes on the challenge of flipping his cigarette into the air and catching it with his mouth and repeats this ten times. Though, this kind of scenes get applauded by the audience in the theatre but when it comes to real life, smoking is considered to be one of the biggest curse of mankind.
Smoking is considered to be more dangerous than drugs as it affects not only the person who smokes but also the people around him (passive smoking).  It has been found from many studies that the effect of passive smoking causes 600,000 deaths ever year.  One-third of those killed are children, often exposed to smoke at home. This is one of the main reasons why many countries including India have banned smoking in public places and included warning labels on cigarette packets.  Despite the measures, the number of death because of smoking is alarmingly increasing.  Most  smokers find it hard to quit smoking.  However, this technical world has multiple solutions for each problem and same goes for anti-smoking as well. While searching for such a technical solution I came across a patented invention which I would like to share with you.
Inventor Xi Yi Wang of Kingdom of Sweden invented a “Smoking device, charging means and method of using it” and patented (CA2705413A1) the same in the year 2009.  The smoking device according to the patent has two parts that are connected to each other and resemble conventional cigarettes.  The first part comprises of an accumulator, a heating device, a sensor device, an air inlet and an air outlet.  The accumulator is used to store the electric energy and release it to a heating device which heats the air that enters through the first inlet, as a response to a sensor device which detects a suck/draw of the smoking device by a consumer and the heated air streams out through a first air outlet.  Further, the second part comprises of an agent (which could be nicotine, tobacco etc), a second air inlet and a second air outlet.  The second air inlet is configured to receive the heated air from the first air inlet and burn the agent completely which enables the consumer to inhale the air enriched with the agent through the second air outlet.  The invention provides a smokeless smoking device which eliminates smoke and its dangers to life.
You can now smoke without smoke.
Authored by Mr. Nirmal
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