Weapon in the hands of Police?


The Union Government has launched a new scheme in order to protect Intellectual Property Rights. As a part of the scheme, the Indian Government is providing special knowledge toolkit to Indian Police to identify and prosecute IPR violations. This step was taken by Commerce and Industry Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman for management of IP Rights. To prepare this toolkit, the Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) have worked together.

The toolkit is provided mainly to counterfeit Trademark and Copyright infringements. This toolkit will be provided for all the policemen throughout the Nation. This toolkit will act as a guide while dealing with IP Crimes, as Indian policemen are not aware about the IPR norms and hence find problems while dealing with IPR violations. Thus, this toolkit will not only enrich them with details of offences under various laws and procedure for conducting investigations and seizures, but also enlighten them about registration of complaints in case of any violations of IPR.

The CIPAM has taken all the necessary steps to build up a healthy IP environment in the country by creating various awareness programmes and seminars. It is also insisting that, all the Police training institutions to include this toolkit in their academics itself. In order to evaluate how this new scheme works, two programmes were held in Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh with successful results. Their interest has encouraged in developing this new scheme.

CIPAM also aims at creating awareness in children by educating them about the basics of IPR as they are the citizens of the future and must be educated about the need for protection of IPR.

CIPAM is not only trying to nationalize IPR, but also globalizing it by facilitating engagements in the field of IPR, as an outcome of which, two MOU’s were signed by India with UK and Singapore.

All these schemes are a part of the implementation of National IPR Policy, which is providing huge support for the IPR users and also encouraging people to register for protection of their IP Rights. This scheme has given a lot of strength and trust to the common people; which can be witnessed by looking into the Patent field, because filing for Patent has been increased by 2% this year in India.


Authored by: Sushmitha (Intern)

Sources : Press Information Bureau Government of India Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Image Source:here, This image is in public domain.


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