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Image for Patentability of Yoga- An Analysis

Patentability of Yoga- An Analysis

This post was first published on 22nd March, 2012. We are all aware that what is already  existing in the public domain falls outside the scope of patentability. This is because it is already known and hence the aspect of novelty, which is the primary requirement to qualify for a patent is absent. Moreover, what is already there in the public domain cannot be taken back, because patents grant exclusivity to the inventor. Patenting of traditional knowledge is nothing new, and…

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This image depicts a person in a yoga asana. His body has been divided into the traditional four zones targetted by yoga healing. This post explores if the way of performing yoga may be patented. Click on the image to read the full post.

Can a Method of Performing Yoga be Patented?

  First Publication Date: 9th June 2010   The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has recently incorporated materials on yoga to the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL). The materials include data on various yoga postures and videos relating to them. The information on yoga has been collected by CSIR from ancient Indian texts such as Patanjali. As per Dr. Gupta from CSIR, the addition of the materials to TKDL will play an important role in preventing patent grants relating to yoga…

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Image accompanying blogpost on "IP and Yoga Massage""

Intellectual Property and Yoga Massage

  "Working with the body is an art more than a skill," Mr. Raghavendra tells his students of 'Yoga Massage' in his very first class. It is in fact fascinating to watch him express, original body work with elements of creativity that surpass intellectual property standards and take a substantial lead. While many body work sequences are based on traditional practices, several practitioners and therapists have over the years developed novel and creative sequences for various reasons ranging from recipient requirement…

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The image is of a weighing machine with help written where the weight is displayed. The post is about weight loss patents.To read more click here

Staying in Shape: Weight Loss Patents IV

  Hello there dear readers, it’s Wednesday again and we are back with some more patents which aim at helping you burn that unhealthy fat and get in shape.  While they do not promise a chiseled you in 7 days, they can surely get you closer to that desired look. Let us begin with the first invention - titled “Exercise device”. The invention as disclosed in US 12/341,636 relates to a device for exercising. More particularly this invention relates to a yoga prop used formulation dimensional…

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