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TM Registry Issues New Public Notice Regarding Abandoned TM Applications

The featured image shows the symbol of a registered trademark which is TM. The post is about the recent notification which has been issued by the Trade Marks registry for filing Examination Responses. To know more, please click here.

The Trade Marks Registry  has recently released a notification on July 15, 2016 stating that no reply has been received for 9578 Examination Reports out of 13,062 Examination Reports which were dispatched during the month of March and April, 2016. These staggering figures released by the Indian Trade Marks Registry highlights some important issues. After applying for a trademark, there are chances that the particular trademark for which registration is sought for may face objections from the Examiner of the concerned Trademark Registry, who generates an Examination Report containing all the objections. The objections are generally made under Section 9, Section...

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