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Image accompanying the blog post "No monopoly rights over common surnames such as JINDAL; court dismisses injunction petition."

No monopoly rights over common surnames such as JINDAL, court dismisses injunction petition.

The Delhi High Court while deciding an application for interim injunction, held that the defendants did not infringe the plaintiff’s registered trademarks or pass off its products as those of the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff, instituted a civil suit, against Defendant 1, Suncity Sheets Pvt. Ltd. ("SSPL"), and Defendant 2, Rachna Nitin Jindal, wife of Nitin Kumar Jindal, Manager of SSPL, based on its rights over the word mark “JINDAL” registered in classes 6 and 17. The Plaintiff’s case was that the…

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Image accompanying blogpost on "Delhi High Court passes order restraining the use of trademark “TOWER” for manufacture and sale of Dry fruits"

Delhi High Court passes order restraining the use of trademark “TOWER” for manufacture and sale of Dry fruits

The Delhi High Court allowed an interlocutory injunction against the Defendants to restrict their use of the mark “TOWER” to manufacture and sell dry fruits. This Court stated that a defendant cannot determine the ambit of what constitutes “Plaintiff’s goods of interest”. Continue Reading Delhi High Court passes order restraining the use of trademark “TOWER” for manufacture and sale of Dry fruits

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The image is of numbers in a downward spiral . The post is about numerals as trademarks. to read more please visit.

Likelihood of Confusion: Numerals as Trade Marks

  In this post we will be analyzing whether a numeral Trade mark can be deceptively similar to another mark consisting of different numerals. This issue has recently been dealt with by the Delhi High Court in the case Mona Aggarwal & Anr vs. Glossy & Paints Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. The brief facts of this case are that, the Plaintiff i.e. Glossy Colour Paint Pvt. Ltd is said to have adopted and used over the mark "1001" since 1946. The…

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The custom image depicts a ribbon of honor inscribed with the words"World's BEST IP Blogs, Top 10" This post is about the best IP blogs featured on sinapse. To read more click here.

Ten Titans of the IP blog world

Last year in the month of December 2015, we ran a month long series acknowledging and appreciating some of the best IP blogs across the world. The blogs that were featured in the series called "World's Best IP Blogs" were primarily those blogs who have made and continue to make constant efforts in keeping us all abreast with the latest IP news, information and updates. While all of the blogs featured during the series are the best of the lot, this post…

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The image is the logo of Amazon. The post is about the invalidity of single click patents. Click on image to view post.

Multi Time Machine, Inc. v. Amazon

One can always see a lot of advertisements, while performing a google search or just about any search on other search engines. Advertisements, and more recently, keyword advertising are a major source of revenue generation for search engines. The case that we are about to discuss, is something that nobody ever anticipated to happen. Multi Time Machine Inc, (MTM) manufactures watches, specifically special ops watches and high-end tactical watches. It sells them on its own website and through its various…

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