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Indian IP Office Updates IPR Newsletter, WIPO Tool, and More

Indian IP Office Updates: IPR Newsletter, WIPO Tool, and More

This post explores key updates from the Indian IP Office, such as the new IPR newsletter and the ‘WIPO IP Diagnostic’ tool launch, underscoring efforts to streamline the IP management process. BananaIP Counsels commits to ongoing reporting on these essential developments, supporting stakeholders in navigating India’s IP landscape. Continue Reading Indian IP Office Updates: IPR Newsletter, WIPO Tool, and More

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IP Archive – What Is It And Why It’s Important?

Protecting your intellectual property has always been important but in the context of our knowledge-based economy intellectual assets are more important than ever. The basic principles of organizing and managing intellectual property are pretty the same; nonetheless, the current digital environment demands even more in terms of consistent archiving of all your patents, innovations, and know-how should an argument about the respective IP rights arise. Any business should consider archiving their business-critical intellectual property, especially when digital assets such as software…

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