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Basics of Industrial Designs

Basics of Industrial Designs

Any good business man would tell you that the success of any product in the market depends a lot on its aesthetics almost as much as its function.  A lot of the times it has so happened that a more aesthetically pleasing product has done better in the market, as compared to competing products that have a higher functional value, merely because of its appearance. Therefore, when it comes to consumer products, appearance plays a huge role and has the effect of influencing the buyer’s decision. This means that in an extremely competitive market it becomes increasingly important for a...

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Designing Around Designs

The featured image shows a bunch of black pencils with the word Design written in the background in black and bold letters. The post is regarding designs. To know more click here.

This post was first published on February 14, 2010.   In furtherance of our posts with respect to patent infringement analysis, I would like to hereby write a note on analysis of design infringement and steps to be taken for designing around designs. Design infringement analysis and strategy for designing around registered designs assumes importance in the light of an increase in design protection in fashion, furniture, toys and other industries. While it is important for a designer to protect his designs, it is also equally important for him to ensure that his designs do not infringe on designs protected by others. Rights...

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