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Blix Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations, Tencent Suspends NBA Pre-season Broadcast, Cryptocurrency Class Action, CJEU Rules Against Intermediaries,and more

BlueMail Maker Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations; CCTV, Tencent Suspend NBA Pre-season Broadcast over Freedom Tweet; Premier League Warned of Revenue Drain by Piracy; HC Seeks Govt Views in PIL to Ban Telegram; Twitter Admits to Using Data for Ads; Class Action Against Tether and Bitfinex; CJEU: Facebook May be Ordered to Remove Identical / Equivalent Illegal Content; Twitter and Facebook May Face Fines from Ireland DPC; CMA Finds Fender Guitars Breached Competition Law and more. BlueMail Maker Sues…

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