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Fair use exceptions for libraries under Indian copyright law

  Indian copyright law provides exceptions to libraries for use of copyrighted works under the statutory fair dealing provisions of the copyright Act (section 52) as well as under the judicially created fair use exception. Broadly the law permits use of copyrighted works by libraries for the following purposes: Research and education; Instructions, teaching and training; Private study; Enabling access to the disabled; Activities of education institution; Review and criticism; Searching and data mining; …

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Essential Clauses of a Digital License Agreement

  With the development and widespread use of internet and digital networks, we are now witnessing a revolution as to how copyrighted contents are acquired, displayed and disseminated. In the pre-internet days, there were limited options for distribution and exhibition of copyrighted contents. For example, the distribution of cinematographic films was limited to cinema halls and video cassettes. The internet revolution has opened several doors for content owners by creating new modes and formats of exploitation. Licensing out, creative contents like…

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