Intro to Patent Law and Patentability Requirements – Presentations by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala at NLSIU

The presentations embedded in this post have been delivered by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala in his Patent Law course at National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The presentation on Intro to Patent Law gives an overview of patent philosophy. It covers social, economic and utilitarian rationales and gives an introduction to the tragedy of commons dimension. It also covers the patent life cycle, and public interest aspects of patent law. This presentation is an updated version of the 2013 presentation.

The second presentation takes a look into the five patentability requirements. It discusses each requirement with simple examples. Dr. Kankanala discusses the Chemtura case decided by the IPAB, and the Allergin v. Sandoz case, decided by the federal circuit, to explain concepts of motivation, reasonable likelihood of success and unexpected result concepts.

This presentation modifies the examples in last year’s presentation on the same topic. Here is the Intro to Patent Law post from last year and here is 2013’s Patentability Requirements post.