Generative AI (GenAI), Business and Intellectual Property

The extent of protectability and enforceability of inventions and creations of Generative (Gen) AI is today the subject of discussions and debates among professional and academic circles. While Courts in some countries have decided on protectability of Gen AI, and the role of human intervention required for such protection, several questions remain unanswered. The enforceability of Gen AI also raises several questions at various levels. In this presentation on IP for Gen AI StartUps,

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala provides insights and inputs on the role of IP in different AI businesses. With special emphasis on Gen AI, he covers different forms of IP that are relevant, and how startups at different AI utilization levels can use them as business tools. From what can be protected as patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs, and trade secrets to what issues surround their enforceability, his presentation throws light on the ambiguities and uncertainties inherent in today’s legal context, and proposes approaches that may be adopted to strategize around them. Overall, his presentation provides insights into what Gen AI startups can do with their creations and inventions from the IP perspective, and how Gen AI developments and products can prove to be great IP opportunities for startups.

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