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Internet, IT & Cyber Laws

Using Information Technology (IT) and the Internet today is an integral part of every business. From simply using computers to transacting in cyberspace, a wide array of activities of businesses are intertwined with IT and internet. Law relating to information technology and internet is different to traditional and modern sources of law. It involves traditional laws such as contracts, torts, consumer protection, and privacy, as well as modern laws such as information technology and communications laws.

Social Media Law

Social media has transformed the world in many ways. From reformations to revolutions, social media has made its presence felt in many contexts. Today, humanity lives in a digital society, and its effects on human life are phenomenal. Social media laws relating to who owns the content being shared, when and where sharing is appropriate, and what limits may be imposed on sharing often raise issues relating to trademark infringement, copyright infringement, social media marketing, labor relations, and more.

Domain Name and Corporate Website Page Disputes Services

Domain Names are today not just identifiers of business; they are important sources of business and brands by themselves. Several companies derive their entire business from their domains and websites, and when a domain name is used as a source identifier of a business, good or service, it acquires the status and protection of a trade mark. Owing to the value domain names and corporate pages hold for businesses, it is not only important for companies to hold domains relating to their business, but also very important to stop competitors and other third parties from holding their domain names and gaining advantage or profiting from such domain names.

Mobile App Law

The number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially. Many transactions today are conducted on these phones. One’s phone is no longer merely an instrument for voice communication. It is used for everything from dating to paying bills to making purchases in retail establishments. Creative and inventive Mobile Applications are added to smartphones daily to make life easier.

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