Copyright Statistics – 2021

The last year witnessed a lot of OTT and computer software’s releases to cope up with the on-going pandemic. Due to this reason a lot of copyright works were created and protected. In this post, we bring to you a recap of the Copyright Statistics from 2021.

A total of 28,385 applications for copyright registrations were filed in the year 2021. There was an increase 6503 of applications in comparison to the total number of applications for the year 2020, which was 21,882.

There was an increase of 6503 in the total number of copyright applications filed during the year 2021 as compared to 2020. The majority of applications filed in the year 2021 were for literary/dramatic works, followed by artistic works and the least number of applications were filed for musical works.

The following table provides detailed data for the month-wise applications for each type of work:

Total designs registered1455011997

In the year 2021, the least number of applications were made during the month of May, while the maximum applications were made during the month of July. The average number of applications per month was 2365.

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The data provided here is calculated for the respective calendar year (January to December). The data is likely to be significantly different from the data provided in the annual reports of the Copyright Office which takes into account the financial year of March to April. Please note that the data is accurate to the extent of the information made available by the Copyright Office through its list of published applications.

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