Apache License, Version 2.0

First Publication Date: 10th November 2008
The Apache License applies to all software contributed by Apache or any other person under the license.
Copyright and Patent License
The license grants both copyright and patent rights over any software distributed under the license the licensee (any person receiving or using a software under the license.). The license grants the following rights under the copyright law:
Right to reproduce the software;
Right to modify the software;
Right to publicly display;
Right to publicly perform;
Right to sub-license; and the
Right to distribute the software in the form of object or source code.
If a person contributing a software under the license holds a patent over the software, the license provides the following patent rights to the licensee:
Right to make the software;
Right to get the software made by another person;
Right to use the software;
Right to offer the software for sale;
Right to import the software; and the
Right to transfer the software to any person.
Patent suit
If a licensee files a suit alleging patent violation, the license given to the licensee over the software will immediately terminate.
The license allows any person to reproduce and distribute the software or the modified software under the following conditions:
The license has to be distributed along with the software or its modified form.
All copyright, trademark, patent and attribution notices should not be changed while re-distributing the software.
If the modified version of the software is distributed, a prominent notice about the modification has to accompany the software.
All notices accompanying the software should be kept intact while distributing the modified versions of the software.
A new copyright notice may be added by the author, while distributing the modified version of the software.
The author of the modified version may also provide additional or different license terms and conditions for use, reproduction, or distribution of the modifications as long as such terms comply with this license.
The License does not allow any person to use the trade names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of a person who contributes a software under this license. Such marks or names may be used only to indicate the origin of the work.
Warranty and Liability
Any person who distributes a software under this license does not give any express or implied warranty over the software. The liability of such a person is limited and he/she is not liable for any direct or indirect damages relating to the software. However, any person distributing the software may give a warranty or accept liability while distributing a software under this license.

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