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[As amended by the Copyright (Amendment) Rules, 2021]

76. Maintenance of records. —

The organization working for the benefit of the persons with disabilities and intending to adapt, reproduce, issue of copies or communication to public of any work in any accessible format shall maintain at its principal place of business a register containing the following details, namely:-
(a) the name of the work, author or owner or publisher along with year of publication;
(b) the details of the accessible format in which the work is produced;
(c) the nature of activity such as adaptation, reproduction, issue of copies or communication to the public;
(d) total number of copies made, list of persons with disabilities to whom copies have been distributed; and
(e) price, if any, charged on the copies.

77. Notice to be included in copies made in accessible formats.-

The organization working for the benefit of the persons with disabilities shall insert appropriate notices in the copies of works in accessible formats created by the organisations that-
(a) the accessible format is created pursuant to the exception under clause (zb) of sub-section(1) of section 52;
(b) the accessible format is intended solely for the use of persons with disabilities who cannot enjoy the normal format of the work; and
(c) any distribution of the accessible format to any person who can enjoy the normal format of the work will lead to stopping the supply of further works in accessible formats and such other legal consequences as are applicable.
Explanation.- For the purposes of this Chapter, the term “accessible format” shall include Braille, Daisy, large print, talking books, digital formats and all other formats that can be used by persons with disabilities.

78. Contracts with third parties engaged by organizations working for persons with disabilities. —

An organisation working for persons with disabilities may engage any third party as its agent to undertake any of the activities permitted under clause (zb) of sub-section (1) of section 52, on its behalf and shall enter into appropriate contracts with such third party to ensure that such third party undertakes such activities only on behalf of the organisation and not otherwise.