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Forbes India cites BananaIP’s Dr. Kalyan Kankanala in the article “India’s Startups Are Filing More Patents Than Ever Before – Here’s Why”.
BananaIP’s Senior Partner and Chief IP Attorney was recently interviewed by Forbes for an article titled “India’s Startups Are Filing More Patents Than Ever Before — Here’s Why”. Dr. Kalyan observed that “Several startups don’t prioritize patent filing as an early stage activity. It’s important for them to understand that once an idea or product goes public, the possibility of acquiring a patent is lost under most circumstances.” Read more
INDIAai interviews Dr. Kalyan Kankanala and Mr. Nitin Nair, Senior Partners – BananaIP Counsels, on World IP Day about their perspectives on AI Patents In India.
INDIAai is the National AI Portal of India – a central hub for everything AI in India and beyond. A joint initiative of MeitY, NeGD and NASSCOM, the website aims to be the trusted content powerhouse in the backdrop of India’s journey to global prominence in Artificial Intelligence. Read More
The Hindu has Dr. Kalyan Kankanala’s thoughts on patents in an article titled “There is a Rush for Patents”
Dr. Kalyan, Chief IP Attorney & Managing Partner of BananaIP Counsels, was recently interviewed for an article titled “There is a rush for patents” published in The Hindu on April 14th, 2014. The article talks of the increase in patent filings in the state of Karnataka and likens it to a gold rush. Read More
BananaIP’s Senior Partner, Vinita Radhakrishnan’s article on “Pharmaceutical IP in India: Unique Challenges” was published by Pharma Bio World.
Intellectual property (IP) rights are extremely important for the pharmaceutical industry. The use of the IP system by SMEs in the pharmaceutical industry depends largely on the business strategy of a company its size, resources, innovative capacity, competitive context and field of expertise. Research-based, innovation-led companies that seek to develop new drugs, improve or adapt existing drugs or develop new pharmaceutical/ medical equipment or processes, tend to rely heavily on the patent system to ensure they recover the investments incurred in research and development. Vinita Radhakrishnan, Senior Partner, Chief Patent Officer (Research, Risk Clearance and Strategy) at BananalP, specializes in Bio/ Pharma patent law and Patent Strategy talks about the unique challenges faced by Indian Pharmaceutical companies with regards to IP. Read more
DNA today carries an article by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan titled “The Copycat Scourge”
DNA Today article by Vinita-Radhakrishnan on how firms are protecting their innovation from being copied

Select Publications and Citations

  • BananaIP’s Managing Partner’s work is cited in the article “A Quantitative Approach to Determining Patentable Subject Matter” in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology.
  • Kalyan Kankanala from BananaIP is cited in the book “Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights: Legal and Social Implications” authored by Kshitij Kumar Singh and published by Springer.
  • BananaIP’s IP publication is cited in the book “Indigenous Intellectual Property, A Handbook of Contemporary Research” edited by Matthew Rimmer and published by Edward Elgar.
  • BananaIP’s IP publication is cited in the book “Patent Law & Intellectual Property in the Medical Field” by Rashmi Aggarwal and Rajinder Kaur, published by IGI Global.
  • BananaIP’s Managing Partner is cited in the book “Managing Intellectual Property: The Strategic Imperative” by Vinod V. Sople and published by PHI Learning.

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