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Intellectual Property Coverage

Intellepedia’s mission is to disseminate IP news and developments, spread IP awareness, and contribute to the flow of IP knowledge in India and across the world. As of September 2017, Intellepedia published more than four thousand IP articles, posts and news updates. From fundamentals of Intellectual Property to advanced intellectual property principles and concepts, Intellepedia’s publications cover a wide range of subjects and topics.

For easy browsing, the articles are categorized by forms of IP: Patents, Copyrights, Trade Marks, Design Patents, Trade Secrets, Traditional Knowledge, Plant Varieties, Geographical Indications, etc. The articles on Intellepedia provide valuable insights into legal, business and technological dimensions of Intellectual Property from the minds of professors, professionals and scholars. The articles are tagged by specific topics, and Intellepedia has a robust search facility to help readers discover and read the articles.

IP News Bulletins

In February, 2017, Intellepedia started weekly news bulletins on patents, industrial designs, trade marks, geographical indications, copyrights, and entertainment law. These bulletins provide short updates on IP news and developments during the previous week for quick reading. Updates on other topics such as open source, creative commons, eCommerce law, data protection law, AI law, etc., are in the pipeline.

Authors and Contributors

As of now, Intellepedia’s articles are contributed primarily by BananaIP’s attorneys. However, publishing on Intellepedia is not limited to BananaIP’s team, and any one interested may contribute articles for publication.

Intellepedia welcomes contributions from interested third parties. Any one interested in writing for Intellepedia may send the article to: [email protected], with the subject: Intellepedia Article Submission.

Mobile Applications, Subscriptions and Online Access

Intellepedia is one of the few IP resources in the world to have its own mobile applications. Intellepedia’s news and updates may be accessed on BananaIP’s Android and IOS Apps. Intellepedia updates may also be accessed through RSS Feed Subscription, BananaIP’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Intellepedia’s articles are also aggregated on Google news and other news portals.

As of September, 2017, Intellepedia has more than ten thousand followers on different platforms.

Publish Your IP News on Intellepedia

If you have IP news such as case updates, information about conferences/events, awards, or any other news, Intellepedia will be happy to carry the news on the portal after putting it through a basic review process. Any one interested in submitting news for consideration of Intellepedia team for publication may write to [email protected] with the subject: Intellepedia News Submission.

As of September, 2017, Intellepedia has more than ten thousand followers on different platforms.


The views expressed on Intellepedia are personal views of the authors, and BananaIP neither endorses, nor warrants the authenticity or accuracy of the news published on Intellepedia. The views, opinions and comments expressed on Intellepedia do not amount to attorney advice, and a reader is advised to seek professional opinion before relying on them, or taking any action based on the same.

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Intellepedia, BananaIP’s Intellectual Property (IP) News Center, is India’s leading IP resource for corporates and professionals. The resource was formerly known as ‘SiNApSE Blog,’ and is rated among the top ten IP resources in the world. As of September, 2017, it had more than ten thousand followers on different platforms.